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Best Internet Marketing Tools

My Recommended Internet Marketing Tools


While knowledge, strategy, vision, planning and skills are deciding factors of been successful online, the tools we use are important as well. Without the proper and right tools, the chance of success can be affected.  

The good thing is you are able to decide what tools you can choose to use and thus start using the right tools and foundation for your website and save you further struggle and problems when you do any changes to your site.

Having the right setup, you can go beyond the technicalities of a website and truly focus on what your vision and strategy for your website while still able to be flexible and adaptable.

Resources & Tools I Use and Recommend

The resources and tools listed here will be updated whenever I discovered important tools that can aid me while i grow my online ventures and businesses. Do check in and bookmark this page, so that you don't miss any.

Disclaimer: As an online entrepreneur, it is natural and understandable that some of the links below are affiliate links. This means if you decide to try out one of them, I will have some money in my pocket - at no additional cost to you. 
Nonetheless, I do used and experimented all of the tools, services and resources shown here. There are recommended based on their merit, and what I think can be truly useful and helpful to you in your online business journey.

Please make sure that you need these tools to achieve your goals, don't spend your resources on things that you don't need. Think and evaluate if the tools can definitely aid you in your business and achieves your goals.

Top Recommendation
Online Business Training

Wealthy Affiliate

I am a big supporter for acquiring new knowledge and learning new skills that will help in adapting to the ever changing landscape in doing online businesses and having more skills, knowledge and taking action on it means I will have better chances of succeeding.

By far, Wealthy Affiliate University, has proven to be the time-tested, undisputed winner when it comes to learning everything you need to start an online business and making money on the internet. The community in there is awesome and the best part is? You can try it for FREE (0 dollar and No credit card needed to sign up) before you decided to  join as a premium member to have access to the full suite of updated, quality online training. 

Read my zoom in close up detailed Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Essential Tools

My secret must have tools that forms the foundation of most of my websites. Without them, my websites will be very different.
These tools allows me to build a faster, optimized and high converting site with marketing automation seamlessly.

Thrive Theme Membership

Thrive is the marketing framework that I have decided to used on my websites. Their highly conversion focused themes, lead generation plugins (light boxes pop up, in post call to action etc), content builder and plenty of amazing goodies that help me build a highly traffic converting website that makes me money. It is very affordable, considering the huge values it brings along for your business. I would recommend you to become a member.

Active Campaign

Email list is one of the most important assets of any online businesses. The ability to create automated sequences is very crucial and important. Many email systems are still not able to or lack the flexibility to provide such automation logic. Some can do it but are relatively expensive or complicated. Active Campaign is neither. It is very easy to use, very affordable and yet very powerful email marketing system you can use from day 1 with your site. 


Hostgator is one of the popular and reliable award-winning hosting provider that I have used. 24/7 support from the team via live chat is always available whenever I need urgent help for any wordpress or hosting issues. They are well priced for their quality of service and promise 99/9% Uptime. Free migration service is also available to get your site up and running in 24 hours on their server.  Enter the coupon code: "COVERTINSIDER" and Get 25% Off.

Hosting & Registrars

To start a website, you will need to register a domain name and get a server to host your website. These are the most basic setup for your online business website and It's very cheap.  Most of my recommendations are not solely based on price but more on whether it has the best value for money which I feed is more important.

Top Hosting & Registrar

NameCheap - ($10.69/.com domain/year with free private whois )

Most of my domains are on With the new updated UI, this registrar is easy to use, and the domains are cheap and safe. It is one of best registrar in the market right now. There are options available to register your ssl certificates and host your emails with them.

Register Your Domain Now

Hostgator - ( $6.96/mo for unlimited sites)

Hostgator offers affordable hosting for new websites. Reputable for their reliability and awesome support. It is great for newbies who need 24/7 support. For existing websites, 100% free migration service is available to ensure minimal disruption to your business. Your sites will be running on the new server within 24 hours.

Move Your Site to Hostgator Now For Free

WordPress Themes

The next step after getting your WordPress site setup is to get a theme or/and a framework for your site. Getting a responsive theme is very important now as Google placed a lot of emphasis in mobile friendly site. A framework allows you to do much more in collecting emails, testing and build your website content with relative ease. Below are two providers that I used:

Top WordPress Themes

thrive themes
Thrive Themes - ($49/single site license )

Thrive Themes are built with conversion in mind and are optimized for speed with smart conversion. This means that your visitors see your site faster, and you are able to convert your traffic to money. Making marketing fast and easy with its well designed user engagement and readability. (This site is built with performag theme).

Get your Thrive Themes Now

elegant themes
Elegant Themes - ( $69/year access to all themes on unlimited websites )

Elegant Themes offers HUGE value with over 87 beautifully designed WordPress themes that you can used for your sites. That's less than $1 per theme on unlimited sites. My favorite theme is the Divi Theme. Extremely easy to use. Save me tons of time. You can create beautiful website that has all cool features video slider and number counter that make an impressive professional website. All this without doing any coding.

Download the Divi Theme Now.

WordPress Plugins

The beauty of WordPress plugins is adding capabilities to your site that makes your work easier, make your site more robust and many more. They are very easy to install and most of the time free. You get to save a lot of money in development costs if you know which are the right tools to use. 

Top WordPress Plugins

WordPress Yoast SEO - (Freemium)

One of my favorite plugins that handles all my on page SEO needs on WordPress and truly makes my life easy. It could easily be a paid plugin ( I am using the free version which is just fine.) This is your must get plugin if you want to have better chance with google.

Get WordPress Yoast SEO NOW

pretty link
Pretty Link Lite - (Freemium)

Pretty Link helps to make ugly long links into pretty, clean short links that is easy for your readers to see and remember. With it, you are able to have the basic tracking of how often the links are been clicked. This is useful for you to see which links is more popular with your readers. There is a Pro version that comes with more features such as conversion reports.

Download the Pretty Link Lite Now.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is an important link to building relationship with your readers, fans and customers. It is still one of the best way to keep in touch and inform them of your latest updates, offers, promotions and good deals that your fans will loved you for it. You will have full control on the content you want to send them and not been restricted by any social platform rules and compliance.

Top Email Marketing Services

Active Campaign - (from $7.65 a month - 14 days Free Trial)

I decide to move to Active Campaign because of its cool ability to create "smart" automation which I feel is very crucial and important when I need to better engage my readers and get a better conversion than using the traditional follow up series. This mean better conversion leading to more money. Many email systems lack in this aspect or are relatively expensive or complicated. Active Campaign is neither. It is very affordable and yet very powerful email marketing system that you can easily use.

Get Active Campaign NOW

GetResponse - (from $15/month - 30 days Free Trial)

GetResponse is an affordable and features packed email marketing solution that is affiliate marketing friendly. They lack in the automation department which Active Campaign is leading ahead of the pack. Nevertheless, GetResponse is still powerful and the best option for affiliates. 

Sign up for GetResponse Now

Aweber - (from $19/month - 30 days Free Trial)

Aweber is another email provider industry leader with many established integration partners. You can easily find established brands or plugins in the market that more often has an integrated plugin with Aweber than other providers. This is good for users who are not techie and don't need to worry about all the tech stuff.

Sign up for Aweber Now

Landing Page Creation

Landing pages is very useful for online business to have a more direct response from their potential customers, readers or visitors to act on an specific offer, time-based promotion or sign up for your business events. Sadly, WordPress posts and pages are not designed for these purpose and often deliver poor results in this aspect. Thus, having the right tool to do the job is important and I got you covered. Here's what I use:

Top Landing Page Creation Tool

Thrive Landing Pages - (from $59)

Thrive Themes provides an easy to setup plugin which you can just install and start building cool branded landing pages right away. There are many templates to choose from and it comes with regular updates. All this is just a one off payment. No monthly payment. Best value for a money tool that gives you well designed and high conversion landing pages!

Download Your Thrive Landing Pages Here

Lead Generation

Online business is all about generating leads and getting sales. It make senses and worth it to invest on a money tool that helps you on these two aspects. Here are the tools that I used in my site:

Top Lead Generation Tool

Thrive Leads - (from $59)

Thrive Leads enable your site to handle all the lead generation process with its advanced opt in pop ups, content upgrades, opt in forms, slide boxes, ribbons, segmentation and many more. As Thrive Leads has comprehensive integration modules with most of the leading email marketing systems, thus there is no reason for you to worry that your current service provider is not supported.

Get Thrive Leads Now

SEO Tools

SEO is a tedious and time consuming process, You need tools that can help you reduce all boring and heavy works. Here's what I use for my SEO:

Top Keyword Research

Jaaxy - (from $0 - 30 free Keyword Searches)

Jaxxy is an awesome keyword research tool that you definitely need to have in your arsenal. I am able to use do my keyword research easily and know what's the competition that a keyword has in search engines is the most valuable piece of information that I can have. Simply sign up a trial account and get the 30 free Jaaxy keyword searches. Check out the case study here.

Start Your Keyword Research With Jaaxy Here

Content Marketing Tools

Content Marketing is very efficient way to build your branding and products awareness. Having the right tools to create content for your business or website can make a huge difference. Here's what I use:

Worthy Content Marketing Tools

Canva - (Free)

The frequent problem often faced by new business owners is how to design a nice image for the posts. Graphic are very important these days and getting an in house designer can be challenging for most new business owners with tight budget. Canva provides relatively easy to use online tool to design your own graphic at 100% zero cost. It's the perfect tool for new online business starters.

Get Your  Canva Account Now

Social Media Tools

Social media is important but time consuming. It is best to automate as much as possible. Here's are the tools I use:

Worthy Content Marketing Tools

Sniply - (Freemium)

Sniply is a social media tool that is very sneaky that allows you to share any content and put your call to actions on top of the content. There's is no reason not to share other people's content on your social channels. This create a triple win for you, the creator and your followers.

Get Your  Sneaky Sniply Tool Now

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