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What Is Success In Life?


Different people will have different expectations of success. But there is one thing that when you nail it down, your success is almost guaranteed.

How do you determine your success?

How do you know that you are successful?

It all boils down to four things that no many knows.

What is Success To You?

To some, success is making a million bucks.

To parent, success is about providing a legacy for their children.

To college student, success is about getting their student loan paid.

To ​working dad, success is about not missing any of your kids growing up days.

To another person, success is about been debt free.

To others, success is about building a secondary recurring income online in case of retrenchment or job insecurity.

So what is success to you?​

Everyone of us ​has dreams or our own definition of success. Write it down on a piece of paper and placed it close to you.

Look at it every day and remind yourself.

Why you need to do this?

Most of us are often running around blindly or got distracted from daily noises that will not get us closer to our success.

Don't you agree? or recall a moment in your life where you got distracted?

There are many ways to stay on track and i have shared one above.

Read on for my four simple steps that you can always apply on anything that you want to be successful.

1. What Motivates You To Be Successful?

I know what is my motivation. Have you discover yours?

You need to know what motivates you and why it is important to you. ​

For parent, one of your motivations is to spend more quality time with your kids.

For a new graduate, it could be having more money to repay the loan and experience what the world can offer you.

For some, it can be doing  charity work without worrying about money matters.

For others, it could be the ability to travel thrice or quarterly every year.

Right now, my motivation is to have financial freedom and no longer have to be trapped in the 9 to 5 ever-endless cycle of working  to build others' dream  but not mine.

Once you know your motivation, the next step is the key!

2. The Key To Success

One key thing - Set Goals.

​You need to set goals. Why setting goals is important?

Follow these simple rules.

  • S
  • M
  • A
  • R
  • T


Set 1 or more target dates to established urgency and commitment. This will help you to stay focus and get distracted from the daily routine noises that invariably arise.  ​

​You will need to know the methods or tools to start working towards your goals.

I know my goals and I get my "Know How" from here to work towards my financial freedom in building a secondary recurring income online.

Nail this one thing down and your success is almost there.

3. Take Massive Actions



Take Massive, Determined Actions.

Start Doing instead of Thinking.

Work on result-oriented tasks that are relevant to your goals.

Acquire relevant knowledge and applies it.

4. Progress

The last thing is - PROGRESS

You need to know you are making progress..

You need to make progress in whatever you do.

Tip: Break a big goal into smaller goals! ​

Want to have a secondary recurring income to match your current pay?

Start by making $100 first, then $1,000, then move on to $3,000, then $6,000 and eventually $10,000.

Want to repay your student loan earlier and still have excess money after paying your rent and traveling ?

Start by having an part time (2 hours daily) online business that pay for your loan while still studying, make $100 first, then $1000, then eventually $3000.

Knowing that you are making progress is the key to success because it keeps you motivated and focus on your ultimate goal.

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Outcome: The Happiness In Life


The best thing about online business is that you can do it during your spare time and often plays a pivot role in helping you to achieve your goals. Most of the time,  money is often the root of people goals and if it is also yours.

You can start building your secondary income stream at your own pace and effort.

Once you start seeing progress after following the exact step by step approach outline here, you get to see consistent and recurring earning.

You will feel better. You will be happier because you are getting nearer to your goals.

You will want to start boosting it up and give your goal a final touch down!

Hard work and commitment is needed. There is no get rick quick scheme, unless you strike lottery jackpot and you knows the odds.

If you look at all the successful persons (Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Ma, Jeff Bezos, Steve jobs, Larry Page, Warren Buffet and many more) in the world, They work hard and persevere ​towards their goals.

If someone tells you that you can achieve success instantly without the hard work, you better throw your heels at them and run miles away from them.

Success can not happen overnight. It is a long process of hard work, recovering from failures, fine-tuning, stay committed and finally SUCCESS.

Share it with your friends and let them know these 4 simple steps that they too can apply it in their life.

Here's the next 4 steps to your financial freedom..

I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences. : )

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