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Wealthy Affiliate – The 4 Successful Steps to Financial Freedom

Be A Successful Wealthy Affiliate with This 4 Simple Steps That You Can Follow Easily and Be Closer To Your Financial Freedom..

Wealthy Affiliate University teaches these four simple steps that people from all walks of life have followed and are earning an online income with their business successfully.  


Step 1. Choose An Interest - Share Your Passion

Do you know that you can turn your passion, hobbies or special interest into a profitable online business?

Let's start with an experiment.

Take just 5 minutes. Write down a list of your passion, hobbies or interests that excites and motivates you.

Done? Good!

Everyone has interests that they like or passionate about and for me one of favorite activities is bowling.


Now, look at your list. How many did you list down? 7 hobbies?  10 interests?  15 activities?

Imagine all these can be turned into a profitable online business for you .. if only.. you know how..

I going to show you how to create a win-win situation for yourself.. combining your interests and still make money in the process.

You do see the potential right..

If you don't, please close this browser..  The steps below probably won't work for you.

Step 2. Build A Website - Give Valuable Contents

You will need to have a website. This website is the foundation of your online. business. Think of it  like a retail store in the your shopping district. 

The best part is unlike opening or renting a retail store, It is relatively easy to set up and a lot cheaper to start your business.

Do you know that I can help you set up a beautiful looking, revenue ready website in less than 30 seconds?

​WATCH:  Website created in 30 seconds Video ..


Don't believe me?  Try it yourself..

Now, that you have tried and set it up your website.

It is time to turn your passion or interest in to revenue generating online business with this website.

By sharing your passion and interests, you are creating valuable contents that people want to know more about them.

Step 3. Attract Visitors - Generate Traffic


If you are a retailer like Starbucks, where would you like to open your new cafe?

You will surely target location with heavy human traffic for your new store. ​The more human traffic, the better the business is going to be because the higher chance that they will become your loyal customers.

This applies to online business as well. You want people to visit your website and you want them to see what you can offer them.

You can recommend products or services related to your passion or interest and receive commission from Amazon as an affiliate.

You can a Google partner and sell advertisement. There are many, many other ways to monetize your website.

What you need is a proper fundamental training courses, videos and quick hacks on what tools to use, how to use these tools to build your website that will rank high in Google, Yahoo and Bing effectively.

Because, when your website is ranked on the first page of each search titan. You will feel that you have a store in Fifth Avenue or Broadway.

Step 4. Earn Revenue - Put Money in Your Pocket


Your online business will get much more exposure than any other business once your website is listed on the first page of the search results. You will get up to 91.5% of Google Traffic with a first Page results (a study conducted by Chitika).

As more exposure means more business opportunities and customers to you, and it will create a recurring income when your business starts to grow and expand to a point where you can truly live the life you want or fulfill any dreams that you have push it to the back of your mind.

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Success Wealthy Affiliate Stories

These 4 simple steps works for anyone who are committed and see the bigger picture.

​I'd like to thank Kyle & Carson for this amazing opportunity that they have given all of us. I'd also like to thank the many members of WA for all of the support. Sure the training is what allowed me to get my foundations built and a business started but it is the community that keeps me going and keeps me motivated to be at my best! Not to mention that any questions I may have get answered in a timely manner thanks to the community and the awesome live chat updates that went live a little while ago 🙂 Read More..

Colton,  Twenties
Young Graduate

​It has been a process of trial and error. What I really wanted was one place where I could find out everything I need to know, a place I could trust to provide training that was top notch and white hat. I never found one place that firstly provided the correct and up to date ways of doing things and even places that did give the right information still lacked in that I could never find oout everything I needed to know.

In June 2015 I cam across Wealthy Affiliate and I was blown away. Everything they teach here I know to be white hat techniques. The training is broken down in easy to understand segments with tasks to complete. A lot of the training covered things I thought I new, but going through it all carefully I found so much more in depth knowledge and tips that are so valuable to me.

The other thing that I find incredible is the community. If there is something not covered in training all I have to do is ask a question here and I get feedback almost instantly! Read More..

Mom of 2 beautiful kids

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Are you ready to know the #1 Secret of becoming a Wealthy Affiliate?


 Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below. 🙂

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