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My Journey

Hey! Friends

My name is Tim. I am an online entrepreneur.

Just like everyone here looking for some information on how you can increase your ever stagnant income (minimal growth at 1-2% - you feel me?), I was once browsing through websites and asking people around me the following question:

"How can I earn more money?"

I am neither a millionaire nor a 'internet guru'. I am just an average guy who discovered the possibility of making money online and went along with it and find some success. I going to share my experiences with you on this blog.

What is Covert Insider?

Covert Insider is a website where I will sincerely share with my readers what to look out for,  guide, stuffs that I have discovered and find that it is worth a post, point people to the right directions with their questions and sometimes, brag about being a member of an awesome training that teaches beginners how to become make their first profit online.

It is easily available for people who are committed to make a difference in their life, who want to become successful and making their first profit online, building an income of their own without the thousands of dollars of initial investment ( I feel it really isn't necessary). 

Do share with me your experience and feel free to leave me your comments or thoughts. I hope you have been enjoying my site.

My buddy reminder to you: There are many scams in the market and it is essential to determine which programs are the legitimate ones. It doesn't matter if its a 50 bucks or a $X000s scam. It is still your hard earned money.

My first online success ..

Before my online success, I have experienced a lot of setbacks, failures and problems while starting and trying out many different online businesses. I was hitting the walls at every turn,  trying to make it work all by myself by researching online.

All the lessons and experiences have helped to shape my thinking, perspective and mindset.

In 2007, I came across an online business opportunity that I feel it is a waste not to explore further with it. It's like all the stars are aligned and I am just the missing puzzle. It was calling for me to take action. Back then, there wasn't easily accessible information on how to start an online business. I didn't know about Wealthy Affiliate too.

Thus, I took the longer route of doing my research online for weeks, explored and tested the options available along the way. It was a learning processes that could be shorten if there is a proper platform with responsive community that could provides me with the needed advice along my online business journey.

Fortunately, with all the time, efforts, hard work and gosh.. sleepless nights. It finally paid off! My online business starts having sales. Business was thriving and providing me with consistent monthly income.

I want to share that it is possible to make money online. You just need to have the commitment to yourself to take action and do it. Of course, don't go blindly and pray that it will works! Rarely, it does. I will suggest that you take proper wealthy affiliate training (which wasn't an option for me back then), with good planning, community guidance and advice. You will increase your odds of success.

Throughout the years, I've seen hundreds of scams,  hyip programs, misleading offers and hyped sales pages claiming you can be a instant multi-millionaire in just 6 days with this "secret system".

  It's full of BS that you won't want you to get yourself into them.

However, there are lots of honest people sharing snippets of their success in a simple way or just don't have the patience to guide you through with the baby steps.

Time is better now ..

I believe you stand a better chance of success than me back in 2007 with a free starter course that you can join that is designed specifically for newbies looking to start money online. Even I, still looks forward to the weekly video training and support available in the community. It does make my life easier.

Drop by my favorite hangout

If you have any questions or comments, you can contact me here. Do bear with me if i didn't get to response to your emails. 

I usually received hundreds of email a day and it takes a while for me to get to yours. 

Most of the time, I will be at my favorite hangout at Wealthy Affiliate where you can contact me or chat with me directly.

I usually hang out at Wealthy Affiliate answering questions, helping out people with their websites and online businesses.


I am here to shorten your learning curve and quicken your pace of internet success. ​

If you don't know what Wealthy Affiliate is, you can read about my review on # No. 1 Recommended Training and ask me any questions you may have.

Feel free to join me there by simply open a free starter membership account at WA, and let's see how we can help you out.

Before I miss it..

The free starter membership comes with a online business certification course, the option of having 2 free websites and some bonuses that you get to enjoy through me. All this is possible because I am a premium member there and am extending these benefits to you via my member link.

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