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GetPaid.Social Review – What is GetPaid.Social? Scam or Legit?

What is GetPaid.Social?

GetPaid.Social Review - What's the buzz about?

I was having coffee with my friend and she was getting excited about this new "social" program that everyone can join for free and earn some money doing simple online tasks.

She did got my attention and requests me to take a look and see if it is worth it to go for the lifetime membership.

So, I sign up for as a free member and here's my personal review on GetPaid.Social.




Free - $0/month
Premium - $9.97/mth , $97/year or $197 Lifetime


Jeff Long

Who is it For:

People wants to earn some money online doing simple tasks.
Business owners or Individuals who like to increase their services, products or brands social reach, exposure and engagement in social networks.


It is official. You won't be getting paid for your due commissions and earnings from GetPaid.Social.

An official email has been sent out by Jeff Long explaining how it has spiral to this state of affair and he shared the most common, convenient reason like most typical failed Revshare or Traffic business (Take a look at Traffic Monsoon if you like to hear another story).

it is because of funds been locked down by merchant account company (probably Paypal). The reason why this happens is because of huge spikes in charge back logged by members of GetPaid.Social. This is waving red flag that  a company account has high risk of fraud activities or questionable business activities.

It is not a surprise at all. If you are a current lifetime member that paid the USD197 and has not start your chargeback process.

I would strong suggest that you do it right away now and probably recover your money no matter how little it is. If you do it now, you still have at least a 50% chance of recovery.

It is amusing when Jeff Long continued to share that he will continue to run GPS for free and everyone can still join and continue to perform the tasks (if any) for FREE.

I can't help chuckling at this statement. 

AND He goes further to share his new venture launch, Social Responder with Michael Somerville that is happening just a few hours away!

Unbelievable! After disappointing the current members of GPS, and now he invites them to his next "possible winner" launch. 

I know you can't wait to start ranting and voice out your thoughts. Share your comments in the box below and let's start a discussion. 

What is all the Buzz about GetPaid.Social?


GetPaid.Social is a new social "Get Paid To do simple online tasks" website that was launched in Nov 2015.

Members get paid for completing online tasks for businesses or individuals who need to get their tasks done. The tasks can be visiting a website, sharing a tweets or sharing a Facebook post.

Once you are logged in, you will see a neat, clean member platform with an overview of the tasks you can do, your earned credits and number of referrals.
This is good as you do not need to do multiple clicks to find out the tasks that you need to do. However, I do experience occasional slow page loading.  

Now you may be wondering if it is my internet connection speed.

It has nothing to do with my internet connection since i am on fibre and I am able to load Yahoo homepage within 3 secs.

This is very bad for user experience.

UPDATED*: Jeff has overhauled and migrated to a faster hosting server.

Sometimes there are messages from the owner, Jeff that splashes across the whole member dashboard which i find it annoying, especially when there is a problem closing them.

How GetPaid.Social Works?

As a business owners or advertisers, you will  be able to make use of Getpaid.Social to increase your social reach, engagement, exposure and fans for activities such as 

  • Liking a Facebook Page
  • Liking a Facebook Post
  • Sharing a Facebook Post
  • Re-Tweeting a Twitter update
  • Visiting a Website
  • Watch a YouTube Video
  • Leave a Comment
  • Many More..

Who is better than the Owner to share with you more about GetPaid.Social? Over to Jeff..

You  will need to create a free account first, create and paid for tasks to be completed by GetPaid.Social Members. It is a simple 3 steps process and relatively easy to do.

Currently, has over 100K active members and growing which you can leverage on their social networks. Imagine the impact if your social campaign (I assumed it is potential viral content) is shared by a fraction maybe just 10% of the members! It is possible that your campaign could go viral!  

It is really a straight forward process.

You trigger the "viral"..

You get the exposure.

Everyone get paid.

You let the "viral" grow by itself.. and benefit from the growth.

Can GetPaid.Social Really Grow Your Business?

Business Owners or Social Media Managers

Credit: wilgengebroed

Depending on your campaign objectives, if you are looking for direct sales results from GetPaid.Social activities. You will probably need more than just creating a task and pray for sales.

Contents do matters!

The nature of social is all about sharing and interaction.

However if your objectives are to stretch your "hands" and touches every facebook users you can possibly reach then GetPaid.Social is an option you can experiment.

GetPaid.Social is just for you to expand your brand awareness and exposure through social medium.

Individuals who just wants to make some money

If you are looking to earn some money online with your spare time, then GetPaid.Social is definitely one of the better programs that pay relatively better.

Just sign up for a free account and you can start earning right away!

You can't really earn good money with this program. Just a couple of dollars for a coffee.

You are literally exchanging your time for money.

Read on and I shared with you how you can get out of this very bad habit that 95% of the world have...

It's may not be for you but I feel you deserve a chance to know..

GetPaid.Social Marketplaces

Task Marketplace

The Tasks Marketplace contains all the tasks that are available for you to start earning money.  A task can go for as low as $0.05 to as high as what the task owner sets.

The rewards offer is slight better than other "Get Paid To" sites.  Usually, the higher paying tasks will be snapped up pretty quickly.

Survey Marketplace (NEW - Feb'16)

Jeff has added another new way for premium members to earn money.

This is through the Survey Marketplace. The average reward of a survey is $1 and at the time of this post, we are looking at 341 surveys available for members to start earning money.

Free member need to pay a $10 unlock and administration fee to have access to the Survey Marketplace and are limited to 10 surveys per day.

What I like about GetPaid.Social?

Some of the stuffs that I like about GetPaid.Social are:

  • Clean and Neat Member Dashboard with everything you need right from the dashboard.
  • Free Account to make money immediately. No need to bring out the VISA.
  • Super easy tasks that you are doing almost everyday.
  • Use GetPaid.Social to extent your social reach
  • Low minimum payout of $9.97 which you can use to upgrade to a premium membership or  withdraw to your Paypal account. 

What I don't like?

Two things that I don't like about GetPaid.Social are:

  • To earn more money (access to the Gold Task, full unrestricted access to Survey Marketplace, earn higher commission for referrals), you will need to have a premium account.
  • The tasks available is rather limited with just a few selections. I am not sure if this is as designed to clear current outstanding tasks before new ones are released or it has not gain strong traction among business owners, advertisers or social media managers. As it is still a relatively young platform, I believe it will get better.

The Hard Truth about GetPaid.Social ..


GetPaid.Social is suitable for anyone who don't mind performing simple, straightforward tasks and exchanging your time for money.

However, you are not going to earn much, unless you start as a premium member and promote GetPaid.Social actively since it is still a relatively new platform.

My advice is try out the free membership first and see if you are comfortable doing these tasks on your social network and if you feel there is a potential for you to go further..

Start off with monthly or annual membership first as you can easily get back the money through the surveys and still have a good ROI. $9.97 or $97 for $341* (money from doing surveys) 

Homwork: Do your math and see which option works better for you.

Why not lifetime?

Well, a lot of stuff can happens in a year, moreover a lifetime. I feel a monthly or annual membership is sufficient and its my personal opinion. You may think otherwise. Trust your instinct.

GetPaid.Social Alternative?

I believe in creating an asset that is not time bound that still earns you real decent money while you could be traveling around or doing your favorite activities.

There is a legit online business training program that I been through and would suggest you to take a look. No credit card needed. $0 dollar Free membership.

It comes with a BONUS  free online business training course (More than 30 hours - with certification)  and 2 free websites for you to start right away.

I have been through the full training and utterly impressive by the systematic approach that even my 10 year old nephew can follow and act on.

This free online business training shows you how you can NOT exchanging time for money instead building an productive successful online business with the time-tested, proven steps that many have followed and succeed.

Like the idea of a successful online business stuffing  money into your pocket periodically while you are spending time with your family?
or doing your weekly golf activities
or even when while you are sleeping soundly?

Now, I have to say that some initial effort and hard work is needed but it will be a breeze after you have master the skills in doing it.

It's is going to be like sowing the apple seed, nurturing it and watch it blossom and start harvesting the apple every time its ready.

GetPaid.Social Review - Final Notes ..

GetPaid.Social is still relatively young and there still a lot of improvements that can go towards it.

All this lies on the owner's vision and execution.

As far as I can see, Jeff shows that he is hearing the feedbacks and working on the improvement.




Free - $0/month
Premium - $9.97/mth, $97/year, $197  (Lifetime)


Jeff Long

Who is it For:

People wants to earn some money online doing simple tasks.
Business owners or Individuals who like to increase their services, products or brands social reach, exposure and engagement in social networks.




Forget about GetPaid.Social. It is a part of history.

Let's Get Social..

I hope you guys enjoy this review, share it with your friends by using the social buttons in this review and do feel free to share your thoughts and comments on your experience with GetPaid.Social.

I hope you guys enjoy this review, share it with your friends by using the social buttons in this review and do feel free to share your thoughts and comments on your experience with GetPaid.Social. ?

Share your comments with me in the box below.

Forget About GetPaid.Social

This is Safer, Legit and BETTER!

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