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How To Make Money With A Blog 2016


You are probably here because you want to know how to make money from a blog after hearing stories about ordinary people just like you and me are making money online, maybe even some of your close friends, who are doing it out on their bed right now.

The truth is it is really possible to make money it only depends on a few factors which I will share at the end of the post and maybe who has been doing it really well.

So take 5 min to read on, I promise I going to make it an easy but comprehensive read.

Let's get started!

 This guide will show you how to make money from blogging, what you need to know, how to start, and small things to look out for but make huge differences. Many of my friends shared that I am sharing way too much valuable details here and all this can easily worth $47.

It is possible to make a full time income through blogging but most people won't last long enough but getting extra few hundred dollars a month sounds good too. It still money and pays the basic expenses. What is important that you must know is, the act of starting a blog is creating your lifetime money making asset on the internet. (Here are more ways to make money online as well). 

Below are $47 worth of contents and its going to be extremely long. I going to make it an easy read for you but still thorough enough for you to follow and be a helpful trove of information for those who wants to earn extra money  starting a blog or with their existing blogs.

You can skip to the topics that is more relevant to you based on your experience. For those who are new in starting a blog, I will suggest to go through all the topics. For those are have an existing blog, you could skip the first two topics.

Topics shared below are important and try to digest as much as possible. You can always come back again for a refresh who knows you may find new contents that I will add periodically. Drop your email address below and you get notified for any updates that I shared.

3 Simple Steps To Start Blogging under 8 minutes

1) Get A Domain

The first step to have your personal blog on the internet is to create a domain. This is the domain name that visitors will be using to visit you, getting to know you and remembering you.

  • Prepare a list of domain names that relates to your blog content. I would suggest having at least 1 keyword in the domain name. For example, If you want to start a diving blog.  You can have a domain name like
  • Go to domaintools for domain names suggestions to expand your list. It will save you more time and shows you a list of the similar domain names and TLDs that are available. 

  • Buy your domain at Namecheap. It should cost less than $10 a year.

TIP #1 of 12: Another quick way that I used sometimes is to go to address bar and type out the name to check if the domain is available.This is useful when the domain name just pop into your mind.

2) Get Hostgator Web Hosting For Your Blog (My Recommended Host)

Before you can start blogging and making money online, you need to host your blog with a hosting provider.

Choose your hosting package here

  • Click on the "Web Hosting"
recommended hosting provider
  • Choose the "Baby" Plan
  • Enter the Domain Name
  • Enter the coupon code COVERTINSIDER to get 25% OFF
recommended hosting provider
3) Install WordPress 

There are 2 quick ways you can your WordPress installed with some help.

  • Live Chat (Recommended)
  • Call via Phone Support

Once the WordPress has been installed, Log in to your WordPress with this web address and start your first blog post!

The Basics of Blogging

What is a Blog?

You may have come across this word "blog" and wondering what is  it about and how people can make money from a blog. Well, a blog is something like your diary but the main difference is you are able to share your thoughts with hundreds or thousands of readers, brand yourself, promote your business or your passion or hobby and make some extra money online with your blog.

Sometimes, your blog is so successful and you  may start experiencing money streaming into your pocket and may even make a full time income with your blog. Sounds good right? The next question is ..

How Easy is Blogging?

With the advancement of techonology, blogging is extremely easy with many online platforms and programs to make it as easy as ABC for people to start writing their first post online. Moreover, there are vast library of online resources to get the help you need.

Most blogging platforms are created to be user friendly, though there are some minor differences that as a blog writer that you will need to take note but the general steps are open an entry, type your thoughts, press submit and the whole world will see your post and return comments on it.

Who Blogs?

 As long as you have internet access and a laptop,  love to share some snippets of your thoughts, opinions, views on current affairs, share your know how or even reviews on products that you personally purchased and loved. You can start blogging right away. Million of people are writing on their blogs, most are not even savvy with technology. They just know where to find the right tools (shared below) and basic instructions to start their first blog.

How much Does It Cost To Blog?

You can start a blog literally for FREE (see below) and there are many services that provide such services. If you want to have a feel of blogging is about and "leave your first blog footprint mark on the internet", I suggest you can try the free services (there are some limitations).

Once you have decided to do it and want to start making money with your blog, I will strongly encouraged moving it to a self-hosted blog. Anyone who is really trying to make money with a blog will probably be more successful with a self-hosted blog because

  • You CAN have more options in customizing and enhancements for your blog
  • You CAN have the flexibility for you to MONETIZE your blog
  • You CAN have absolute control over your blog
  • Importantly, people tend to pay better attention to self-hosted blog.

However, getting a self-hosted blog may not be free, but still it can be still be affordable. For a domain, you just need to pay only $10 and web-hosting for as cheap as a few dollars a month.  Just Skip a Starbucks drink for a day and you get started right away.

Still Unsure? Start with A Blogging Platform

The first 3 options are the easiest but there have limited features. You could probably make some money from your blog, but if you are really committed to make good money from your blog, I recommend self hosting your blog.  


Blogger is one of the oldest blogging platform around. It is easy to set up, owned by Google. It offers some selection of themes and your domain name will contains "" (Some people may feel it is less professional and may not pay greater attention to the content).   


It is probably the simplest blogging platform but will least customization for the blog. It will be a good candidate to start playing with but definitely not one you would like to start a make money blog. The domain name contains "" is completely free, easy to set up and as far as customization goes, you can customize the theme and not much on others and the domain name contains "". also offers the ability for you to set up a self-hosted wordpress blog. Once you decide which is better for you and really want to make some money with your blog. You need to have a self-hosted blog. I would suggest that using Hostgator as your host, they will be able to install wordpress on your hosting account. Just follow the steps here.


Siterubix is completely free to set up, you can have a wordpress installed blog in less than 30 seconds. Yes. That's how fast it is. You can customize the theme and have most of the features like a self-hosted blog but the domain name contains "". The option of having a full domain name is available for free if you are an Wealthy Affiliate member.

Siterubix is widely supported by Wealthy Affiliate Community where like-minded people congregate to learn and make money online with the time-tested proven training, support and tools that have build many member success stories. I did a personal review here or you can sign up for free to experience it yourself.

Why It Is Better To Have A Self-hosted Blog

If you think decide to use one of the first three options above to start a free blog, you can skip this section.


If you are committed about blogging and are looking the best way to customize your blog's look and other features, then getting a self-hosted blog with wordpress installed on your hosting account is the best way to go. Most bloggers follow and recommend this route. The work requires is slightly more but it is not daunting and can be easily done. Small intial costs is expected such as buying a domain name ($10 per year) and hosting your blog ($10 per month).

Some of The Advantages of Self-hosting
  • ​You CAN have your own domain name. For example, It helps people to remember your blog better than if you are using Tumblr.
  • You CAN have more options in customizing and enhancements for your blog
  • You CAN have the flexibility for you to MONETIZE your blog
  • You CAN have absolute control over your blog
  • Importantly, people tend to pay better attention to self-hosted blog. provides a great step-by-step guide for getting you set up, but you don't really need to know the specific details as it can be easily handle if you decide to go with Hostgator, just follow the above steps or Siterubix (wordpress set up in under 30 secs)

Choosing  A Domain Name

The first step that you need is to get a domain name. Simply go to domaintools for domain names suggestions to expand your current collection. It will save you more time and shows you a list of the similar domain names and TLDs that are available.

Once you have picked out the name, you can go to where I purchased my first few domains. Godaddy is one of the biggest name around and is a listed company. They are pretty aggressive in their advertising campaigns and sometimes you will find better offers in Namecheap  which is another domain provider that I often used.

I don't really encourage buying domains from hosting provider as it will lead to complication in future when you need to migrate your hosting. It is best to keep hosting and domain purchases as independent as possible.

Choosing A Hosting Provider for Your Blog

Hosting provider is the company you pay to host all your files, images, scripts for your blog. There are thousands of web hosting companies out there and I don't suggest looking for the cheapest one around instead look for a reliable one that is still affordable.

It is very important to have good support service as it will really matters when, you need some technical help or when your site is down for quite a bit and need to find some quick help to get it back up.

I prefer to go with established companies who have a decent track records and have a large base of satisfactory customers. The additional of a dollar or two more a month is justified when you know that the hosting provider has your back at all time and well worth it. Hostgator was recommended by my friend. I did some read up on them and have hosted my websites with Hostgator from the beginning, I knew a lot of people who are using and I got the baby package for about $7 a month.  

Reliable Hosting Providers 2016


As Low As ..

$6.96 / month

$6.95 / month

$29 / month


My first website and a few others are hosted with Hostgator and from my experience their customer service is still one of the best in the industry.

One of benefits that I enjoyed with hostgator is I do not need to worry about disk space. It is unlimited and new account sign up gets $100* credit each at Google Adwords and Yahoo to start promoting your website.

  Few of my smaller sites are hosted with Bluehost and overall, I am happy with their support. The package is cheap and reasonable with decent support. Since I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I may consider moving them over to Siterubix to save costs.

If your website has grown to a size that is resourceful intensive and need high availability at all time, because a minute of downtime cost you hundreds of dollars.  Wpengine can be a consideration for you. It has GIT-version control, built-in CDN, enhanced security and one-click staging and restore features. I am not there yet but I have personally shortlist it.

Deal Breaker

I managed to work out a deal for you guys - Use "COVERTINSIDER" to get  25% off.

I am still working a good deal with them stay tune..

I am still working a good deal with them stay tune..

TIP #2 of 12: Use "COVERTINSIDER" to get 25% discount off Hostgator

Why Custom Theme is Important

First impression always matters. It applies to people. It applies to blog which is a representation of the blogger, you. The next step that can greatly help in increasing earnings was to have a custom theme. A custom theme usually score with users and have a higher retention rate of visitors. Custom theme do cost a lot more and it can go as high as a few hundreds dollars if you getting good web designers to do it for you. If you are committed to blogging, I would say this is a good investment. If you are just starting to blog, I don't recommend you going for custom theme yet instead I like to recommend a cheaper alternative and still able to achieve what custom theme is able to provide. Sound goods? 

They are many ready-made wordpress themes available online. Some are free (which you need to bear with the limited, locked features, poor after service support) and some do cost a little bit more (more features, more options to monetize, better responsive support) but are still far cheaper than a custom theme.


I have used a couple of theme providers and so far I am pleased with Divi from elegant theme. It is one of my favorite themes. It is the ultimate multi-purpose theme fit for just any occasion and powered by divi builder. It is sleek, clean and easy to use with the latest visual effects you want for your blog site. More than 310,000 members are using their themes because it is really affordable as low as $69 a year and you have access to over 80 themes and able to used it for unlimited websites. It is a good start for a new blog.


For this blog, I am using Thrive Themes.  Thrive themes provides a lot more useful and advanced features for me to use yet it is still affordable. Thrive Themes is built for speed with automatic image compression (Readers load your blog faster.). It provides smart conversion elements that shows  offers that are most relevant to your visitors and grow your mailing list faster. It is highly customizable for individual needs with over 600 fonts, multi header layouts to choose. On top of the theme features, I have been using many of its other killer features such as Thrive Leads, Thrive Content Builder, and others that really deserved an entire page of sharing which I will be doing later.  It is as cheap as $19 a month.

If you are starting a new blog, and has tight budget, I would say go with Elegant themes. However, if you already have an existing blog and want to further grow it and monetize it. I will suggest to go with Thrive themes which has all the features that will bring your blog to the next level.

Making Money with Your Blog

Are you ready to start making money? I'm all pump up when talking about making some good money online. There are really many many ways you can make money with your blog and I am going to share with you the most common four ways you can monetize your blog traffic. Let's go.


One of the few cheques I received from Google!

PPC Ad Networks

Pay per Click (PPC) is an online advertising model used to direct traffic to website, sometimes as know as Cost Per Click (CPC). Get paid when someone click on an ad displayed on your blog. Prices ranges from different blog dependent on the blog content. In most cases. the more competition around, the more money to be make.

The most successful one is Google Adsense Network. Please quickly start an account and explore the features available to start earning some bucks. Here a great guide by Google on how it works.

Another PPC Ad Network you can look at is Chitika, an established publishing company with over 300,000 publishers . It is very similar to Google Adsense where you get paid on CPC basis. Payments are make through Paypal and Check with minimum payout of $10 for Paypal and $50 for Check.

TIP #3 of 12: If there is no administrative charges, it always good to start with a minimum payout first and increase it at a later time.

PPM Ad Networks

Pay per Impression (PPM) is an online advertising model where you, as a publisher on your blog will be paid by the number of ad impressions served on your website. It's also know as Cost Per Impression (CPM). Impression are in terms of thousand.

If you have huge traffic for your blog, this is a good option for you to consider. As visitors do not have to click on the ads for you to make money. Some of the better networks with this advertising models are AdClickMedia, Adbrite and PulsePoint. Some of these networks has stronger and better performance for certain niches.

Affiliate Products

Going back to our domain name example, What do you think will be the blog contents? It will be likely about diving trips or anything to do with diving.

Now, if there is a diving equipment that you like and share it in your blog and at the same time point people where they can make a purchase it. They like it and purchased. Now, you have a sale from an affiliate product. You will be paid a % of the sale for referring them just be sharing what you like. Isn't this amazing? This is called affiliate marketing.

In Wealthy Affiliate, there are more comprehensive training on affiliate marketing and how you can catapult your growth in this marketing with time-tested techniques. Sign up a free account here.   

Some of the main programs that I used are:

Direct Ad Sales

Another way to make money from your blog is to sell ad space directly to advertisers. Every visitor that come across your blog is a potential advertiser. They like why you wrote and may see that your visitors are potential customers that they want to reach out. This is important.

TIP #4 of 12: Have A Contact Page and a short welcome message for advertiser enquiries.

I am using this exclusive ad manager from OIO publisher to help me manage my ad space directly with advertisers, cutting out the middle-man commission.

How Long Does It Takes To Make Money From A Blog


images money

Depending on the type of blogging model you have, will determine how quickly you start to make money online.

Blogging is one of the easiest ways to make money online, because it is simple to implement. However, many people are doing it the wrongly..

If you start doing it the wrong way like most people, it will take years for you to see any money generating from your blog. This is why, getting the proper guidance and training is important. It's like going to school to learn your basic mathematics. Without the right training and strategy, simply create a blog and start creating content to it and have visitors who like your post and follow you. Thousands of people are starting this cycle everyday and failed to make enough for even a cup of Starbucks. Don't be them.

Would you prefer to have a proven blogging strategy that could make you your first money in the next 3 - 6 months or doing it, figuring it out yourself and seeing you first online money in the next 2 years?

if your answer is a LOUD YES I want to know the strategy, then read more about the blogging income machine that many have successfully implemented and generating income online or simply go here to sign up for free.

TIP #5 0f 12: Produce content daily. It matters.

Write Content That Visitors Want More

Most people can write and create contents for their blog, but not all can make money with them. One of the subtle clues that I observed is writing boring content. 

An engaging and value adding content , at anytime will score better than a boring, value adding information.

C'mon be true to yourself? Don't you agree with me. Give me some encouragement.

You will must be thinking.. Hey! One of your tips mentioned about creating content daily but how do i produce interesting and engaging content daily? I willing to put in effort but I can only do it during my personal free time.

My answer is, if you want to see faster results. Posting daily contents will train the google bot to visit you more often and spider your content and get it indexed and ranked in Google faster.

The more contents you posts on a consistent basis, the more visitors you potentially get from search engines.

Depending on how fast you want to start seeing results, you can post a content in your blog once or twice weekly. Just keep in mind, you will have only 4 - 8 contents in a month compare to 20 contents in a month (excludes weekends). Which do you think will have a higher potential in reaching more visitors to your blog?

If you are a logical person and agree that 20 contents is better than 8 contents, then I am going to share with you 3 strategies that you could use to scale it up fast for the first three to six months and you can decide later if you want continue with these strategies or scale it down. This will definitely give you a big boost in the first few months.

Discover How You Can Get Google To Shower More Love On Your Blog


+ BONUS: Under The Radar Make Money Tip
Get Your FREE eBook Now!

TIP #6 of 12: Write your content like telling a story, peppering it with humor, analogy or personal experiences.

Get Traffic To Your Blog


Traffic is very important to blog. There are  2 types of traffic. Organic Traffic and Paid Traffic. I have shared more methods to increase your organic traffic in my eariler post. Do read them and you can start implementing them if you have an existing blog.

Sometimes, paid traffic works wonder for blog if your content has the making of an epic post. But today, I am going to share with you four ways you can get traffic for new blog since this post is for people starting a new blog. 

Get Your Blog Indexed

Getting your blog indexed is very important. It is the first step to tell Google that you have an exciting content to share with the world, please shower some google love on my blog.  Let's get your blog indexed by search engines the quickest way.

Submit Your Sitemap

There is another way that you can have better assurance that your blog is indeed been indexed. It is to submit a sitemap to Google Webmaster. You will need to have an account with Google Webmaster.  A gmail account will do. Once you have access to Google Webmaster, create a property for your website and submit a sitemap.

For WordPress, I usually use Yoast to generate my sitemap automatically.

Update Your Social Profile

If you have social profiles in Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or even forums profile. Update your profile with your new blog web address and this will get some traffic from those who have access to your profile. 

Submit Your Articles To Article Websites

There are many articles submission sites that collect articles and most allow at the end of the article, a small section that share more about the author bio and you can add a link back to your blog. Here are some you can start submitting:

Create Hubpages, and other sites allow you to build a simple web page on a topic very quickly. Usually, these pages often get indexed fast and rank well with the search engines. If you have a link that direct the traffic from these page to your site, you will be able to capture some traffic from these pages.

Submit Your Blog To Directories

Submitting your blog to directories will help to generate more traffic to your blog from search engines just by simply adding your blog to them. Some of the better directories that you can look at are:

TIP #7 of 12: One of my favorite content website

Small Details Huge Difference


This is the section that you need to know and practice it as diligently as possible. It will matters to your blog in getting the traffic that you want. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a science that focus on getting  your blog to rank at the top of Google's results for any keywords. It is FREE traffic. Ideally, You will want to rank in the first page result and within the top 3. This is where most of the traffic comes from.

I am going to share share with you the basic of SEO to get you started, there are many resources around on SEO and if you like to know more about it, one of the community that I belong to share lots of useful SEO information, and I would like to invite you check out here. The more knowledge you have on such important skill set, your blog will benefits from it and surely see the difference in making money from  your blog.

If you do the following right, you will be better off than most people who don't know about SEO.

Page Title

This is the most important part of on-page SEO. The page title of your blog is what shows up in the top of your browser window. It is also one of the important factors that search engine use to determine what your site is about.

Make sure that your page title contains the necessary keywords that you want to rank for in the search engines. If your site is about diving, have a page title that say "Diving 101 - Your 55 Pages Guide to A Good Diving Time "

Anchor Text

Anchor text are text that people use when they link to your site. For example,  favorite search engine, you can see that the link will go to Google. "favorite search engine" is the anchor text.

Why Anchor Text is important?

Anchor text tells google bot what is the link about, and what are the keywords that are used for that link. Most of the time, you can control what text people will link to your site. However, whenever possible, you should use your keywords when the opportunites arise.

Usually, you are able to decide what are the keywords to use for the link on your pages, your profile page, your signature in forums.

Keyword Research

I must emphasize this many times. Always, always do your keyword research if you want to get good decent traffic from search engines. Some of the tools that you can use are and I also use WA keyword tool for my keyword research. Sign up a free starter account and get 30 free keyword search a month.

Build links

Building links is like creating many bridges linking the mainland to your "island". This is how important it is and it plays a great part in improving your search rankings, and allows people to know about your "island" existence and visit you. 

If you get a link from another popular blog, you will get lots of visitors, imagine having many links from many different websites. You will see a huge spike in traffic and this is where you will start experiencing generating money online.

TIP #8 of 12: Start building your links NOW!

Tools to Help You Succeed

Google Analytics

You will need a Google account to sign up for a Google Analytics account. Google Analytics  is a free analyzing tool that help you understand the traffic movements of your visitors and make sense out of it. You can integrate it with Google Adsense and Google Webmaster to provide a better clarity with your website traffic.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools provide the insights on how Google perceive your blog and highlight any potential problems with Google search engine.It allows the webmaster to resolve any existing problems and submit it for a review. It is a necessary tool that you need to sign up an account.


Aweber is an email marketing service provider that allows you to communicate with your readers who subscribe to your newsletter. Aweber is widely use by people who need email marketing services and is one of the reputable company around. They provide a lot of features to manage and automated series of email campaigns to subscribers. Aweber is a need to have tool for every blogger to start building your email list. 

TIP #9 of 12: The goldmine is in the list ( previously Stock.xchng)

When you post a blog entry, it is always good to have photos or pictures. One of the better free stock photography site you can used is It provides decent,quality photos for free usage

There are times where you need certain type, or style of photos that are not available from the free sources. You can try It is one of the cheap stock photography site I have used.

Final notes

Making money from blogging is definitely possible. Millions of people are doing it, and why not you? It is so simple and easy to get started just by following the steps I have listed out above. 

The only thing that you need to convince yourself is that You are way BIGGER than how you think you are! You just need the right resources, the proper training and the wonderful Wealthy Affiliate community that is always there to provide timely and encouraging support and celebrate your first online paycheck.

Go make some new like-minded friends now and celebrate WINS together! 


Every single day, there are emails asking on how to start a blog, make money and live the lifestyle that I want. So here's the bare all details..

1) Can anyone really start a blog?

Definitely. Almost anyone can start a blog. You don't need to be tech savvy and if you follow the steps above. It as easy as in 10 min.

For a starter, as long as you sign up a host (either hostgator or bluehost is fine), pay the annual fee (more savings) or the monthly fees (if it's tight for you), you can do it.

So basically, if you have a credit or debit card, where you can spare around $60 a year, then you are in the blog business.

2) Does my blog need to be in English?

That's often a misconception. You can easily start your blog in your native language such as French or Japanese. There is a huge market out there for non-english blogs. If you're bilingual, then you have a slight advantage.

Do both languages. It increases and extend your reach and English has the greatest dominant readership.

3) There's so many blogs out there. I feel that I am too late to start one?

You are never too late if you start now. The market is so huge that there is always room for another quality blog. Now, the keyword is QUALITY. There's no need to worry about competition.

As long as you follow closely to the fundamentals taught here for free, have a good attitude and stay committed. You are on solid start than others. It's worth the effort once you taste your first 100 bucks.

4)What can I blog about? I have no idea right now.

Hey, I got you covered. You can start with something that you have a strong passion and  it is possible to earn some money out of it. If you like traveling, now that could be a good  start for you.

Join my free email course and I will guide you step by step on how to go about determining your blog direction that is going to be worth your every bit of your effort and time.

4) How much does it costs to start a blog?

Very little. If you are not particular about design, then perhaps  USD60 per year is right. It's super affordable but you will may need to straighten all the zig zag, hills and bumpy roads ahead.  The smarter way which I suggest is at the very least get a basic idea on how to start with my detailed course (Yes. It's FREE).

In additional, it comes with free tools and 2 free websites for you to test it out and have a feel if this is what you are looking for before you commit yourself.

5) It is possible to start a free blog. Isn't it? Why should I pay?

Yes. It is. However, though you can start a free blog with blogspot, tumblr or My advice is don't. Remember, it is going to be difficulty making money with a free blog. You are restricting yourself from bigger audience, lowering the trust people have on your blog and thus most don't even bother to read what you wrote and left within 5 secs.

Wasted effort and time. It probably comes with outdated design from the 2000s and  limited design options available. It's not cool and unprofessional. Not even could save it. I know I will probably give it a pass.

If you are really serious about making money online, and have a loyal followings of your voice, then get the required knowledge and basic setup or pay the $60 or so per year. It's really worth it.

6) Tell me, how much money can I make with a blog?

How wide is the sea?  How deep is the ocean? You need to be aware that many bloggers make nothing. But, Successful bloggers can make hundreds of  thousands of dollars per year (I have provided the highway access to them, you just need to let your engine ROARSSSS... ).

For me, earning the first USD$100 was key, and from there you determined the limit. I am just an ordinary average guy like anyone, If I can do it, so can you. It all begins here.

You Next.. 

I love to hear your thoughts on this. Please feel free to share your comments below and I can't wait to continue the conversation with you. ?

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