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Tai Lopez 67 Steps Review – Is it worthy of your time?


The Tai Lopez 67 Steps

Is Tai Lopez a scam? This is what we are going to find out and what is the 67 Steps all about. Everything you should not missed and regret later.

You are probably here because you want to know more about Who is Tai Lopez and what is the 67 Steps program about. Whether it is something that you are looking for at the current stage of your life.

Hold back your decision.. Read below and you going to thank me later..

Tai Lopez 67 Steps




$67 / month


Tai Lopez

Who is it For:

People who seeking to be successful in life and wants to realize their dreams

Who is Tai Lopez?

Tai Lopez is a self-help marketer, featured in Mark Cuban's interview. Tai markets his self-help video course through Youtube very aggressively. Some of the advertisement videos that you have probably have seen are the infamous "Here in My Backyard" and the more infamous parodied, "Here in My Garage". Basically, the videos displayed a large home and expensive cars. Whether, there are own by Tai Lopez, few would knows. I will let you decide on that.

This is a rather common marketing gimmicks used by many marketers to showcase big spacious houses and expensive cars to attract others to join them in their courses, programs or business in the hope of realizing their dreams.

How many have been successful, and how many have been scammed?

Here's the videos.

Stay with me.. It's not over yet.

What is Tai Lopez 67 Steps about?

67 Steps is not a business program. It is falls into the category of self help and mindset where it focus on the four pillars: Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness.

You will not find any specific method in the 67 Steps video course to earn money. What the 67 Steps program shares are the ideas, tips and tricks to get yourself closer to the four pillars.

To say, even though it is still a decent program, you won't missed out much if a few of the videos are skipped. There to say, there is no breaking or need-to-know information that you need to get your hand on to be successful.

67 Steps is just another form of presentation of a self-help book to become successful that you can find easily in the bookstore or amazon out there, likely at a price that won't stretch your wallet every month.

But you may like what you have hear and feel that Tai could be the mentor that you need to be successful in your life.

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Is Tai Lopez A Scam?

At this junction, I can say that Tai Lopez is not a scam though he does use some "pretty" marketing strategies in his Youtube videos advertisements.

Without a doubt, Tai is a savvy businessman who knows how to market his products and leverage on the social media to his advantage. 

It is definitely not cheap to place video ads on Youtube which range from $0.10 - $0.30 cents per view. He could have probably spend millions on Youttube ads for his branding.

The only way to recover the cost and has a long term ROI is to recover the cost from products he promotes and his own products, one of them is the 67 Steps which I feel is considerably overpriced with limited values in the content.

One of the products he promotes is the OMG machines which offers internet marketing training at OMG price! $7,999! 

Is it really worth your time and money?

Before we go into it. There is one important question that need to be answered.

The real question.. Is it something that you are looking for?


If you ask me, $67 a month, is not really worth it. With $67 a month (That's $804 for 12 months). Wall Street Journal's monthly subscription doesn't even reached $40 a month.

If you are looking for how to make money, start a profitable business or be a millionaire business owner, then 67 Steps do not have what you are looking for and you should probably give it a miss.

67 Steps doesn't share with you how to make money online technically. If this is what you truly interested in learning to make money online, then I would strongly recommend my #1 recommendation.

If you are looking to change your mindset and prefer video over books, then probably the 67 Steps could be one of your many options. 

Tai Lopez The 67 Steps Review that you won't want to miss this..

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Put it to practice..

Now if you have decided to either get the 67 Steps or other self help media. What if I told you that there is a platform to perform and take action on everything you learn to be successful?

What is knowledge without application? It's doesn't help you much.

There is a legit #1 training program that could make this possible for you. You will need to start implementing the mindset changed that you have acquired through Tai Lopez 67 Steps or other self-help books.

Coupled with that, and starts building a real online business that will pay off for the long terms.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches anyone who are committed to start their online business through its training, videos and classes. Students get to followed the courses with step-by-step approach that is easy to follow. 

Tai Lopez 67 Steps Review - Conclusion

Tai Lopez 67 Steps




$67 / month


Tai Lopez

Who is it For:

People who seeking to be successful in life and wants to realize their dreams


30/100 (for now)


If you prefer video over books (don't mind the $67 monthly), and looking for advices, tips and tricks to change your mindset. This could be an option for you.

It's Your Turn ..

I love to hear your thoughts, questions or experiences with Tai Lopez 67 Steps. ?
Share your comments with me in the box below.

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