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Traffic Monsoon Scam Review – The Hype You Don’t Want To Be In..

The Traffic Monsoon Scam Review..

Are you a Traffic Monsoon member or ?


A while ago, many of my readers and friends who are starting their online business start hearing chatters and whispers about Traffic Monsoon.

The chatters and whispers grow by the day and evolves into a GOZILLA hype.

They are overwhelmed by the hype and the endless advertising  by people that they have just acquainted. People that show how easy it is to make money with Traffic Monsoon.

One of my friends ask if I would be like to join Traffic Monsoon, and since I have prior experiences on how traffic exchange site works.

I shared with them why I am not looking into it and why it's is not for me and if they are in it. It is better to start pulling out at the earliest possible.

You are probably here because you too have been drawn by this "force" but have the smart to seek clarity and an unbiased opinion.

You are going to get clarity and reach a informed decision here with what I am going to share with you below..

Traffic Monsoon



$50 per AdPack


Charles Scoville

Who is it For:

People who wants to earn money online and have huge risk appetite


It is official. SEC SHUTDOWN Traffic Monsoon.

With the TRO granted against Charles Scoville and his Traffic Monsoon Ponzi Scam, SEC has taken the next action against Charles Scoville.

SEC identified Traffic Monsoon as a massive PONZI scheme that relies on new investor funds to pay returns to earlier investors.

Over USD 207 million dollars were invested into Traffic Monsoon by over 160,000 paid investors with $60 million has been traced to accounts located in United States, Canada and United Kingdom.

United States accounts for 10% of Traffic Monsoon's members.

Paypal froze Traffic Monsoon outgoing funds on 11th January 2016. No disclosure of Paypal action was provided by Charles Scoville or Traffic Monsoon via a Youtube video on 12th January 2016 to its members, instead the story of opening a "Traffic Monsoon bank" is in the plan to move away from Paypal...

By 11th February, Traffic Monsoon's Paypal account was completely locked down.

Total funds locked in Paypal is USD 61 million dollars.

The locked down on the account expired on 11th July and instead of paying the investor, Scoville decided to transfer all the funds to his personal bank account with JPMorgan Chase Bank and $21 million was transferred successfully with 4.6 million in Traffic Monsoon Chase Account. Further attempts of transfers out of Paypal was blocked.

The good new for Traffic Monsoon investors is there are some money left on the table to be distributed back to the investors under receivership. SEC has proposed Mary Margaret Hunt of Dorsey Whitney LLP as the appointed Receiver.

I know you can't wait to start ranting and voice out your thoughts. Share your comments in the box below and let's start a discussion. 

What is Traffic Monsoon? A Scam?

Traffic Monsoon is a combination of Paid To Click (PTC), Traffic Exchange and Revenue Sharing Site owned by Charles Scoville

This is a very basic model that most traffic exchanges used. There may be slight variations in the model but generally it  is used to attract participants into joining their sites.

Traffic Monsoon stands out as one of the highest paying PTC sites which is paying its members.

UPDATE JAN'16: Members are no longer able to make withdrawals from Paypal. Paypal has ceased all transactions related to Traffic Monsoon.

The Story - What You Need To Know About Traffic Monsoon Owner..

Charles Scoville has a bad history of running several failed PTC sites.

  1. (Sep 2011)
  2. 2009)
  3. (Nov 2011)
  6. (Feb 2012)
  8. (Mar 2012)
  10. many more

The failure of InfinityBux was because Payza froze the accounts of InfinityBux due to legal issues within Payza.

Though, Charles was a victim of Payza's legal issue, he didn't take the responsibility to make payment to InfinityBux members.

This is probably a business decision that Charles made.

But what about the past PTC sites before InfinityBux? 

What happens to these members?  ​Did they get paid?

Some food for thoughts..​

After the InfinityBux saga, He starts Adhitprofits (8th April 2013) which is still running and paying to his members.

In Oct 2014, Charles starts Traffic Monsoon which quickly gain traction in 2015.

A recent video by Charles on the recent events surrounding Traffic Monsoon.

Did it raises any red flags in your mind? I want to know your thoughts later..

How Traffic Monsoon Works?

There are 2 type of members. The Free Member and the Paid Member.

Members can earn money in 3 different ways.

1. Paid To Click and Traffic Exchange

Free members can earn through clicking 10 ads (cash links) daily which are values between $0.01 and $0.02. A limit of up to $0.10 daily is imposed on how much a free member can earned with Traffic Monsoon.

It is likely that there will be time where no cash links are available.

Free members can also advertise their website for free by viewing the traffic exchange ads and earning 1 credits for 2 traffic exchange ads in Traffic Monsoon.

These earned credits can be used to advertise your website for free.

2. Revenue sharing

The profitable way of earning in Traffic Monsoon is through its revenue sharing scheme.

It is simply by investing your money into the program by buying AdPack that costs $50 which gives 1,000 ad credits + 20 guaranteed banner clicks.

Buying an AdPack allows you to open revenue sharing position (expires in 55 days) with Traffic Monsoon.   

This means that you are earning $5 for every $50 (in 55 days) you invest into the AdPack and get 1,000 worth of ad credits (value at $5.95) and 20 banner clicks (value at $5).

There are sound strategies that I know that can maximize your earnings with Traffic Monsoon but only suitable for people with high risk appetite and looking at current circumstances surrounding Traffic Monsoon.

I would suggest that you sit back, relax in your couch and watch the story slowly unfolds.. 

3. 100% Referral Commissions

You can earn 100% commission from your referral click which is up to $0.1 daily for free members.

Here's the catch, in order for you to earn 100% of your referral commissions. You will need to fulfill the 10 daily ad clicks too.

How's The Traffic Quality?


Even though, Traffic Monsoon is a traffic exchange platform. Like most traffic exchange sites, which relies on members to view the ads, and driving the traffic with "credit" incentives which i feel is really negative incentives for advertisers.

You can't have high expectation on the quality of traffic. This is one of the many reasons why I simply skip it.

Frankly, 99% of traffic from traffic exchange are worthless traffic unless you are in specific niche that resonates with traffic monsoon members.

If you are thinking of using Traffic Monsoon to advertise your site, I would urge you to strongly reconsider.


I have friends who are in Traffic Monsoon and they shared with me that there are activities. Yes! Many many clicks! BUT no opt in or sales from Traffic Monsoon. Some them are paid members themselves.

If You Joining for the Money,..

After what I have shared above, and you still comfortable joining or trying out Traffic Monsoon.

Just remember one crucial question out of many that I asked myself during my consideration phase.

Always ask yourself this question..

What is your exit plan?

If there is none, you are going in blindly and most of the time you will suffered losses.

There are many ways to earn money, take the more logical and smarter route to earn money online using time-tested proven strategies that have been working for thousands for more than 10 years..  

Build a recurring online income stream that will stands the test of time. Look at the bigger picture and you will see much clarity.

The Hard Truth about Traffic Monsoon..

Latest Updates: Feb'16 - Charles sharing moving forward without Paypal..

What is your take on this latest video by Charles ?

It's going to get "better" ...

Sit tight in this roller coaster ride and grab whatever you can ...

Traffic Monsoon Scam Review - Final Notes ..

I hope that you got what you need and able to make an informed decision based on what I have shared with you.

Traffic Monsoon



$50 per AdPack


Charles Scoville

Who is it For:

People who wants to earn money online and have huge risk appetite




Stay Away, If you treasured your hard earned sweating money.

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Remember to drop your thoughts and comments below on Traffic Monsoon. : ) Love to hear from you..

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