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Kyani Review 2017 – Is Kyani A Scam or Legit Opportunity? #1 Stop Before ..


Is Kyani a scam or legit opportunity in 2016?

In this Kyani review, you are going to find out everything you should not missed and regret later.

I have heard a lot about Kyani, another health supplement company that has MLM business model. It similar to another business opportunity that we have reviewed, Juice Plus.

You are probably here because you want to know more about Kyani and while there are thousands of health supplement MLM companies just like Kyani, you will need to differential the worthy ones from the scams where you'll spend your hard earned money, wasting time, money and effort for nothing.

Nobody wants to go true that. Not even me.. I certain you don't like that as well.

I have my fair share of experience and with this review (based on my research, understanding and opinion), hopefully it will help you in your decision making.

So spend just 5 minutes here (probably more if you like what you reading and share your comments) but hold your vote till then.. It almost everything you need to know about Kyani.

Read below and you going to thank me later..




> $299 - $999


Kirk Hansen, Carl Taylor and Dick & Gayle Powell

Who is it For:

People who looking for MLM opportunities and try to earn money online

What is Kyani?

Kyani is established in 2005 and is in the business of manufacturing and direct selling of its health and wellness supplements through its network of registered distributors (MLM partners).

If you are not familar with MLM, basically there is two ways on how you make money with Kyani (product based MLM program).

  • Earn money by selling Kyani products to consumer for a profit
  • Earn money in the form of commission when you recruit your customers as a distributor under your line.

More details will be shared on how you can make money below.

If you don't like selling products but love the idea of commission based plan to make money online probably you can stop right here. MLM is not the only way.

Be An Affiliate Marketer

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Are Kyani Products Scam or Works?


Like most MLM, Kyani has only a few products to select from and there are only 3 as of this writing.

  1. Kyani Sunrise (advertised as Alsakan Blueberries)
  2. Kyani Sunset (advertised as Alaskan Salmon)
  3. Kyani Nitro X-treme (Noni)

These three products form Kyani Healthy Triangle. Kyani is presenting their products as a collection of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that can make you healthier in several ways, and most of their distributors or marketers called them the Superfoods.

I don't find Kyani products are scam if the contents are as depict in their nutritional information. What they are offering are supplements that are very similar to off shelves selection that you can easily find in Walmart or even Amazon.

Are there other products that are better in their nutrients offering and probably easier on the wallet?

Definitely,  there are and I could easily find 3 replacements.

  1. Blueberries Antioxidants Alternative
  2. Salmon Vitamins Alternative
  3. Nitro Minerals Alternative

What do you think of above 3 replacements?

How Kyani Works?

Kyani MLM commission structure is based on volume, selling of products and earning commission from your recruited customers into distributors.

I would love to share more details on their official compensation plan once I can get hold of their latest copy. The links to their compensation plan are broken for a long time and yet to be fixed by Kyani. But here's the image of it that will do for now.


As a family-based company runned by two families, it is attracting many people who are looking for a work-from home opportunity not because of the quality of Kyani products (Click here and you will know what I mean).

Kyani like most network marketing companies, each distributor's duty is to recruit as many new people as possible with lesser emphasis on selling the products, thus improving their commission and income.

Why do I say that? Read on for the profitability breakdown.

How To Make Money With Kyani?

With Kyani, you are able to build three teams and receive commission based on these three teams. The commission ranges from 20% to 30% on your volume of sales.

​1. Earn By Selling Products

Kyani Sunrise
Kyani Sunset
Kyani Nitro
Kyani Nitro Xtreme

Distributor Price





Retailer Price





Auto-Ship Price





Your Profit

$4 or $8

$4 or $8

$3 or $6

$5 or $10

​Do you like the profit that you are potentially receiving as a distributor?

​Every customer purchases will be converted to Customer Volume (CV) and if you have a CV of 500, you will be qualify for the bonus pool which is share of 2% of the Global Customer CV.

2. Earn by recruiting distributors

​You will get at least 20% of the Starter Volume (SV) of the starter pack amount when your new team member joined. A Business Starter Pack is $299 but it holds 130 SV. 20% of SV is just $26 (13% commission) for a almost $300 sale.

3. Earn From Pay Gate Accumulator

​You are able to receive commission based on the accumulated volumes and the level of pay gate reached.

4. Earn From Generation Check Match

​You are able to receive commission up to 9 levels with the 1st level at 15% across all Sponsor Type, a very typical MLM model.

5. Promises of Dream Car

I am not going into details of their dream car program. It seems to be only for a specific group of affiliates that do exceptionally well and if you have noticed. It is often used as an marketing gimmicks to attract people into Kyani.

What are the Waving Flags ..

Poor and Ineffective Marketing Training by Kyani. The used of cloned websites does not have much value to the distributors except for sharing around.

You are not allowed to alter the website or create your own to promote the products without prior approval. A fee will need to be paid to initiate the approval process.

Marketing materials and updates are based on testimonials from family members.

Kyani products are been sold in Amazon with less than stellar reviews for a matured company with only 3.5 flagship products. This says a lot on their products and current marketing strategies.

Kyani Review - Your #1 Stop To See if Kyani is a right opportunity for you.

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What I don't like?


As a matured company with more than 10 years of history, it has only 3 - 4 flagship products. In order to make money with Kyani, I will need to buy expensive membership and buy the products at high distribution price and to sell it at low retail price which returns petty profits.

I don't like the MLM structure as most of the time there are strict requirements to maintain your quota to stay at certain level before you drop your rank due to inactivity.

I don't like the MLM structure as most of the time there are strict requirements to maintain your quota to stay at certain level before you drop your rank due to inactivity.

I don't like the idea of only a few products from a matured company with little credible rave product reviews. It is a puzzle how it manage to survive the past ten years.

There seems to be a saturation of Kyani products as some of the products can be seen in Amazon. You will be facing stiff competition from other range of better supplements products and existing experienced Kyani distributors.

It is not a opportunity that I would like to go into as there are better alternatives out there.

The MLM Truth about Kyani ..

Like all MLM, with the expensive membership, and the need to buy the products first before you can sell them. You need to have some ready handsome cash around.

Unless you have some experience and is an aggressive marketer, it is hard to make money. You are more of a salesman for Kyani instead of an independent business owner. 

While it is possible to make money with Kyani, it is more for the experienced MLM marketers.

For someone new to this, there are a lot of bumps that you will need to overcome and the first one is to hand over a lot of cash to obtain a business pack (premium business builder - $999) to have the higher chance of success and impact.

You will need to grow your team of distributors to be really successful with Kyani.​

​I would suggest that if you are new to MLM, does not like the idea of expensive membership and the limitations that I pointed out, you too give this a miss when there are much better programs that could earn your decent income in the long terms. 

Don't get blindsided by the marketing promises that are unbelievable. It's too good to be true.. 

Kyani Alternative?

If you still looking for ways to make money online, there is a legit #1 training program that you could help you start your real own online business that will pay off for the long terms.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches anyone who are committed to start their online business through its training, videos and classes. Students get to followed the courses with step-by-step approach that is easy to follow. 

Kyani Review - Conclusion ..




> $299 - $999


Kirk Hansen, Carl Taylor and Dick & Gayle Powell

Who is it For:

People who looking for mlm opportunities and wants to earn money online


15/100 (for now)


Only suitable for experienced MLM/network marketers and people who see the potential of Kyani products.

If you have read until this far, I am sure you have more or less reach a decision if Kyani is for you.

For me i prefer the less hassle, easier and straightforward business that will be profitable, when done right. There's no need to deal with the hassle of making cold calls, or been a nuisance to friends or families asking them to buy the products.

In fact, its all about understanding how the system works, applying it, improve on it and scale it up for better profits. Yes, it's scalable. Isn't that the best part of a business?

Now Your Turn ..

Please share this article with your friends and loved ones so that they are as informed as you.

I love to hear your thoughts, questions or experiences with Kyani. ?
Share your comments with me in the box below. Let's start a healthy discussion.

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