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Best Click Tracking Tool for Links – Clickmagick Review

Clickmagick Review - Best Click Tracking Tool and Link Management from A Real Buyer

I was looking for a decent, real time click tracking tool to track clicks and funnel conversion for my solo ad purchases. I need to know if I am dealing with a honest vendor who has real traffic that are responsive to my funnel. I stumbled upon a leading  tracking tool, that makes my tracking a breeze.

It is IMPORTANT that you are able to track everything as much as possible.

I know it's the least sexy part, but it's one of the few secrets to making tons of money online.

With tracking, you will be able to know what is not performing and able to improve on it. For example, If let say, you have set up a  few squeeze pages, and you are driving massive traffic to them but you won't know which works better unless you track the performance.


Clickmagick is fast becoming the best click tracking tool and link management tool in the market.

I feel it's the best in the market right now and suitable for me.

Why do I say that?

Well, It is specifically build for affiliate marketers with AMAZING > 19 profit-boosting features! 

Some of the features that I am using it right now and loving it.. which I will be sharing with you.

Let's get down and explore ClickMagick and my favourite features.

What are the features of ClickMagick?

ClickMagick Feature #1 -  User Friendly Interface

Clickmagick has a very useful user friendly interface even for new users. It offers a free 14 days trial for people who are switching over. It has all the basic tracking features of most tracking services such as tracking your opt-in, sales, up-sells, conversion and so on. You are also able to do split testing with different links and you have the option to set the testing parameters or use the default settings.

Curious about what TC, UC or FC is?

Well, there are TC (Total Clicks), UC(Unique Clicks) and FC (Filtered Clicks) and so on. Just hover over the headers when you logged in and you will be shown what each represents. This make it easy to track your links performance.

ClickMagick Feature #2 -  Traffic Quality Score

Do you know that Clickmagick actually shows you a quick and easy way to see the quality of your traffic? Just click on the "Traffic Quality" and you able to see the traffic quality score for your traffic. The quality score is indicative of how good the traffic is based on existing Clickmagick huge and expanding traffic data. 

You will also be able to know where are the traffic from whether are they from Tier 1, Tie 2, and Tier 3 traffic. I got a 54% conversion rate on my squeeze page, for which I bough traffic from a vendor in Udimi


The quality score of 60 puts the traffic as grade C and any thing under 40 is what I would say are rubbish traffic that may likely be fake or "bot" traffic.  The Tier 1 traffic is still decent at 75%. You will probably want this to be at as high as possible. Clickmagick is able to identify proxy clicks with mine standing at 2 which is considering low.

At a glance, I am able to see the quality of my traffic staring right at my face and I LIKE it. It makes my life much easier understanding them and determine when to strike the vendor off.. I guess he gets to stay for now..

ClickMagick Feature #3 -  Targeting  Pixel Code

ClickMagick has this cool targeting pixel code feature.  You are able to place any additional tracking pixel from other click tracking revenue metrics and it will be a kill if you are into re-targeting marketing and this will be your secret arsenal. One of my favorites.

Go explore and  make full use of it .

ClickMagick Feature #4 -  Countdown Timer

Count down timer is a very useful feature and is an important tool to create scarcity. Often, the better ones comes at a premium but with Clickmagick you get a quality count down timer that you can used on every possible links. Yes, the possibilities are out there. I will get to it soon..

Imagine that you can cloak the sales page of an affiliate offer and apply the count down timer on the sale page..  Won't this increase conversion without you having to do extra work?

Creating the count down timer is super fast and I did it in less than 5 minutes and just click on the preview to see how the design work out.


Use the countdown timer smartly with the next two amazing features below and achieve better sales conversion! 

ClickMagick Feature #5 -  Pop ups

There are lots of expensive tools that are offering pop ups in the market. 


The good news is that you don't need any of that! ClickMagick offers a built-in pop up feature which allows you to further increase your marketing experience.

Pop ups are often used to increase opt in and have better click through rates. AND you can even add in a count down timer to create scarcity to further increase the chances of opt in. Beat that!

One happy user of Clickmagick, James says:

ClickMagick Feature #6 -  Magick Bar Feature

The magick bar or sometimes called the ribbon is a feature often seen in expensive plugins or software that allows you to place a stripe of content at the top or the bottom of the page where it is visible to visitors. 


As you can see, I can easily create a Magick Bar over Wikipedia. Could you see the potential of this feature? It's crazy and I have also add the count down timer to the Magick Bar.

ClickMagick Feature #7 -  Rotator

ClickMagick Rotator is a very useful feature where you have the ability to set predefined traffic parameters and allows a group of links to be rotated around with just a common rotator link.

Imagine that you have a group of affiliate offers that you wish to promote and you can place them in a rotator and and just share the rotator link! There's a few special features in the rotator that I suggest that you check it out and it's why people are hopping over to ClickMagick.

ClickMagick Feature #8 -  Speed

Some of my friends are hosting their click tracking scripts with their own hosting providers and often, these servers that they are hosted are not optimize for click traffic tracking. The disadvantages are:

  1. Speed - As their own servers are not optimize for traffic tracking, this will leads to slower page load times and a poor user experience.
  2. Traffic Data Analysis - Without a good data size for analyzing the traffic, it is difficult and inaccurate to determine if the traffic is of good or poor quality. More time and money will be wasted to determine the traffic nature.

ClickMagick is able to address above problems by using cloud-based click tracking scripts to reduce the processing times thus faster page load times and better user experience. 

With larger collective traffic data available at its disposal from million of visits each month, it has a better accuracy and basis to determine the quality of traffic. You can decide easily with the traffic quality score and less money wasted.  

ClickMagick Feature #9 -  Uptime monitoring

ClickMagick also monitors the uptime of a link. This is to prevent any wastage of real traffic and it notifies user via email notification when a downtime is discovered and it will reroute the traffic or even paused it.

ClickMagick Feature #10 -  Filtered Automated Clicks

ClickMagick is able to filter out the "noisy" clicks which are automated clicks generated by bots, spiders, undesirable traffic with bad intent. Only the real, clean clicks by real people are registered to help users to focus on improving performance based on clean data and all this is possible because of ClickMagick large database of "noisy" IP addresses accumulated over the years with its customers.

ClickMagick Feature #11 -  Solo Seller System

If you are planning to start a new solo ad business or planning to join me at ClickMagick,  you going to love ClickMagick for its latest Solo Seller System feature! 

You are able to fully integrate the whole process of your solo ad business with ClickMagick right away from sales to delivery. It will SAVE you tons of time and even make you MORE money.

It has the essential features to set up your business immediately with accepted payment via Paypal, able to generate coupons to spur your sales and offer loyal customers with VIP Discounts.

The availability of daily solo clicks can be easily view with the reservation calendar and manage your customers within the panel.

No longer need to get a separate expensive solo ad ordering software to manage your solo ad business, i would shamelessly say just use Clickmagick. 


​Clickmagick is not just any click tracking tool that make it a easy to manage and monitor your clicks BUT also give your profit a boost with its more than 19 awesome features which I only manage to cover 11 of it. It is more than just a click tracking tool. It actually over delivers in terms of features than most other click tracking services I know yet still doing an awesome job in tracking clicks.

Get the 14 free trial at 0 dollar and if you feel that it's not for you, you can simply close the account. There's nothing to lose. Just an opportunity to try and experience the leading click tracking and link management tool in the market right now to improve or enhance your process.

AND if you like what you see, you going to be surprise that you can simply continue with all this awesome features that I am enjoying right now at ONLY...


I hope you guys enjoy the review and feel free to leave a comment or share your clickmagick experience if any or let me know if you have any questions. 

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