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The LeadsLeap 2.0 Review – Behind The Closed Doors .. Legit or Scam?

LeadsLeap 2.0 Review - A New Worthy Source for Your Free Business Opportunity Leads?

LeadsLeap 2.0



$0/month (Free) or $27/mth (Pro Version)


Kenneth Koh

Who is it For:

People who need new business leads, looking to have more sales, affordable business advertising and earn some money online

What is LeadsLeap 2.0?

leadsleap 2.0 review

LeadsLeap is a lead generation system that helps to drive traffic to your business website or blogs for FREE and you are able to participate in their revenue sharing advertising program.

LeadsLeap members get to enjoy three areas of awesome values for themselves that LeadsLeap can offer to anyone with an existing online business.

Your Business Growth with Lifetime New Flowing Leads Daily

  1. You able to receive real human, quality traffic to their websites
  2. Free Explosive Powerful Tools to build a successful online business

In the later section you will find out why LeadsLeap is different from other traffic generation systems.. such as paid-to-click, paid-to-surf or traffic exchanges and what it means to you..

Acquire New Marketing Knowledge For Your Online Business 

  1. Learn different aspects of online marketing (such as blog, video, ebook and newsletter) that helps you to improve and get better results for your business

Earn Some Money Online and Expose To Market Pulse

  1. You are able to earn while learning or driving traffic to your website
  2. Enjoy revenue sharing with almost ZERO effort

I going to dive deeper into the following aspects that I feel are more important as a business owner.

  • Free Advertising
  • Free Marketing Tools
  • Exponential Leads Network Builder
  • How To Earn Money As A Free Member

How Can LeadsLeap Grows Your Business?

What attract me initially to LeadsLeap is the ability to post free ads for my other businesses and still able to earn some money (not much) with it which I feel is better to reinvest in my business. This means that I am to get free advertisement for my business. More exposure. More leads. More sales. 

As a free member, you get to post 3 free ads in LeadsLeap advertising platform. This is free advertisement for your business that all members and even non-members (public) of LeadsLeap will get to see you ads.

Non-members? How is this possible?


LeadsLeap actually provide a easy to use widget for members to place it on their website thus exposing your ads to non-members.  Amazing right? All this with a Free account.

Now, the trick here is you will need to earn credits (you can't buy) by either viewing other members' ads or adding LeadsLead's ad widget on your websites.

As an example, the LeadsLeap ad widget will look something like this..

The ad widget can be customized easily from the font size, colors to the number of ads to match your websites themes.

Just by placing an ad widget on your website like what I shows you above, you have become part of the free advertising network where other members' ads can be seen by your visitors and if they get curious or something caught their attention.

You get credits for the clicks. Just 5 mins of work to create the widget and place it in your website.


Your ads will also be displayed in the member's dashboard and LeadsLeap's blog. For Free members, the ad frequency is only 40% (shared among all free ads) of the displayed ads.

How much traffic can you get as a free member?

As a Free member, my observation is depending on the quality of the ads you will probably get between 1 - 400 clicks monthly due to:

  • Smaller (40%) traffic pie as a free member
  • More Competition - 40% Traffic pie is for all the free members.

The amount of traffic is still decent for a free member but you will need to earn the credits first.

I have noticed that there are ads with over 1000 clicks per week and these belong to the pro member. PRO member typically gets about 600 - 1000 clicks monthly and they will have 10 PRO Ads slots that they can happily used without earning credits to advertise their business.

As a Free member, you can still have decent traffic exposure to your business without much effort if you use the ad widget and the look at any interesting members ad.

As a PRO member ($27/mth), it does comes with many benefits and hassle free. Some of the benefits you have seen are accessing to:

  • Use PRO Ads - No need to worry about credits
  • Larger traffic pie (60%) for Pro members
  • Lesser competition among Pro member compare to free member.
  • Encashment of credits since you are not using them

LeadsLeap Marketing Tools You Can Use

LeadsLeap offers great marketing tools for it members that are FREE. These are useful tools that will cost some money if you want to buy it to improve on your online business.

Most professional marketers are using similar tools like them and could easily paid up to few hundreds bucks for them. Yet, Here you are secretly enjoying these tools for FREE just been a Free LeadsLeap member ...  Awesome feeling right?

Free LeadsLeap Tool #1 - All-in-one Popup Generator

This is an online LeadsLeap Tool that enable you to create stunning animated offer or optin popup with tracking and customization abilities.

It is good for business owner to capture your visitor's attention, or their email address to offer them your promotion deals. Here's a quick example where i create within 5 minutes.

Free LeadsLeap Tool #2 - The Real Tracker

An improved tracking tool from its predecessor (Advanced Link Cloaker Tool).

It is much more powerful and able to track clicks and differential between real visitors and bot clicks.


This is a very useful feature that not many click tracking tools provide for free.

It is worth your consideration to join LeadsLeap to enjoy using this tool and other great member's benefits that LeadsLeap has to offer.

On top of just tracking clicks, the real tracker allows you to create ad bar and rotator which is going to be very useful.

I have some creative use for it and more on that after my experiments.

Kenneth has shared more information on this tool that you should hear what he says.

As a free tool, the Real Tracker is definitely better than pretty link lite but the lacks the convenience of creating the link using your own domain. 

I am using a more advanced paid tool, Clickmagick which I did an in-depth review.

Free LeadsLeap Tool #3 - OTO List Builder

Kenneth is really generous and confident how LeapsLead can change your business. By giving you the OTO List Builder for free is like giving you almost $20/month.

Why do i say that?

You are literally getting an autoresponder email system for FREE!! 

Yes.. You are reading correctly.. I was surprised too when I joined as a member.

AND.. It is more than that..

  • It is a One-Time-Offer system to help you generate instant cash
  • A complete affiliate system for you to run your own affiliate program
  • A built-in banner rotation system that you can manage your banner ads.
  • An email advertising system that you can build your list without paying monthly subscription
  • An exit popup system for you to promote different program easily.

Getting the idea what you can do with this tool without spending $20/mth for third party autoresponder services and getting more out of it?

The benefits are huge and probably the only thing that you need to be aware of is that some technical knowledge of installing the php script to your host server is needed. However, there is a step-by-step installation guide by Kenneth at the download page in the member's area.

Free LeadsLeap Tool #4 - Cookie Generator

The Cookie Generator is used for tracking and understanding who your visitors are and their behaviors surfing your website.

It is integrated with the all-in-one pop up generator where you can show different or specific pop up to returning visitors which increase the engagement and opt in rate.

Kenneth wrote an article on "How To Customize The Offers For Subscribers and Non-Subscribers?" with the Cookie Generator. 

Revolutionary Leads Building System in Your Hand

LeadsLeap has designed an "MLM Style" leads building system that is designed to grow organically and exponentially for you as a LeadsLeap member. You do not need to pay anything to be a Sponsor.

As a Free member, you will get to enjoy and access to 10-levels of downlines. The only disadvantage is you don't get any spill over downlines but you still gets to enjoy the other benefits that a free members enjoy.


Say if you simply refer 4 people to join LeadsLeap, and each of these 4 people refer 4 other people to join LeadsLeap. With our 10-level lead generation system, this means you will be able to reach out to 1,398,100 leads at 10-levels deep.

The beauty of this is your downlines are able to see your up-line ads in each member dashboard.

A PRO member is able to enjoy the maximum benefits of this leads building system:

  1. Have Spillovers downlines under you for life - This happens when there are vacant upline slots in the 10-level and the system automatically permanent assigned to a PRO member, even if you cancel your PRO membership at a later time. There's no need for you to do anything and get these downlines.
  2. Get Auto Referrals - As LeadsLeap actively promote their program and there are chances that there will be random signups. These free random signups will be assigned to you as a bonus.

Earn Money As A LeadsLeap Member

LeadsLeap shares up to 90% of its revenue with its members!

Free Member

PRO Member

Daily Revenue Share



Weekly Revenue Share



Affiliate Commission

Lifetime Recurring 25%

Lifetime Recurring 50%

Everyone makes money with the daily revenue share, you just need to visit the ads in the network.

Members are rewarded for sending the traffic to the ads in LeadsLeap and share the weekly revenue generated. It is similar to Adsense concept.

As a PRO member you get to earn a recurring passive 50% lifetime commission.

Automatic cash out to your paypal account is in place at $100 and Paypal fees are absorbed. There is an option for early cash out as low as $10 but Paypal fee(2%) applies.

This is good as you can decide when you want to cash out relatively easy without the need to wait for the auto cash out.

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What I like about LeadsLeap 2.0?

There are a few things that I like about LeadsLeap and here are the very reasons why I joined as a member.

1) No Timer for Your Ads. No distraction. Visitors solely concentrate on your website content just like visiting any normal website using search engine.

This differ from conventional way of 5 - 20 seconds visitor requirement that other traffic generation systems adopt that does not show true engagement of your website.

They just want to earn more credits which I personally feel is flawed and poor traffic quality.

2) Win-Win Unique Approach designed by LeadsLeap for the advertisers and members.

The "Earn As You Surf" approach allows member to earn credits every 5 seconds of surfing ad, for
up to 3 minutes.

So when members like what they are reading and stay on, they earn more credits.

Advertisers able to know that these are quality visitors that has potential to be a business leads.

3) NOT MLM Company. But cleverly adopt the multilevel aspect into leads building.


4) Grow Long Term Business Assets with 10 levels of business leads for a lifetime. With the initial referrals, your network going to grow exponentially and organically with added efforts and still enjoy the access to your growing leads at no additional cost.

5) No need to Buy Ad Pack since it is not a 'Pay Back' traffic exchange system. So it is truly a revenue sharing with no purchase needed.

6) Non-Intrusive email. Email will only be sent from LeadsLeap and not other members on account administration matters. It will automatically stop when I ignore it for more than 30 days.

6) In-Build Support System. You can easily access the support in your dashboard with a traceable ticket been open and tracked. There is no need to login to a separate support system. 

What I don't like?

LeadsLeap system offers lots of benefits and values on top of its feasible advertising platform. One thing that I hope it can improve on is to allow free member to have more ads slots.

Ready to Leverage on LeadsLeap 2.0?

You will need to have an existing online business before you can use LeadsLeap system. 

Don't have one yet?

Like the idea of your own online business that hands you money online while working on it part time or during your spare time?

Need direction to start your own online business?

Wealthy Affiliate provides Free online business training and 2 free websites to start your online business which you can use with LeadsLeap system!

Get Training Access Now

Peep Into Best Online Internet Marketing Training

LeadsLeap 2.0 Review - Final Notes ..

As far as I have experienced and learned about LeadsLeap, LeadsLeap is a legit system that helps to generate traffic or leads using its well designed traffic leads building system.

FREE members are required to earn credits to post ads and there are several ways to earn the credits.

If you value or feel that your time is worth more than $27 a month, you could be a PRO member without exchanging your time for "credits".

I would highly recommend you to join as a FREE member first to test out the system. If you find that LeadsLead really fits your needs, you can consider becoming a PRO member later.

LeadsLeap 2.0



$0/month (Free) or $27/mth (Pro Version)


Kenneth Koh

Who is it For:

People who need new business leads, looking to have more sales, affordable business advertising and earn some money online




It is a legit system with a smart lead building system that business owners, marketers and advertisers can actively use to advertise their businesses with quality result due to the "No Timer Clean Look" that allows user to focus on content based crediting system.

Share it with your friends if you feel your friends going to benefit from this review.

Let me know your thoughts and comments on your experience with LeadsLeap. : )

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