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What is Earn Honey? Scam or Legit Review. Honey Details Revealed..

what is earn honey

EarnHoney Review

What is Earn Honey? Is it a Honey Trap? 6 mins that's all you need to make an informed decision.

There are sites such as cashcrate that allows you to earn money online by performing simple tasks and often many hours in front of your computer for little pay day. Most are fly by night operations that are not substainable and purely scam that doesn't even pay you for your time and tasks done.

Time is precious, valuable that is non-recoverable. You don't want to waste time on another yet scammy site.

In this review, let me walk you through EarnHoney and see if this is one of the scam sites that you should avoid or whether is it something that you can consider joining..

Hold back your decision for 6 minutes.. Stay with me and you discover 5 ways to earn money with EarnHoney. Thank me later..






Who is it For:

People who looking to earn some money online by exchanging their time to perform simple tasks for extended hours.

What is Earn Honey?

EarnHoney provides a way for you to earn some money online through completing tasks such as watching videos, playing games and taking surveys and completing offers.

if you love the game of "2048", yes! It's the same 2048 game app that can be found on apple and google store. The good news is you will be paid while playing the game on your computer.

EarnHoney is free to join and currently open to US residents.

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I signed Up and ..

Been curious like every one who wonders if this is a legit program, let me test it out for you first. 

I signed up and after an email verification. I was shown an introductory Earn Honey video on how to use the platform.


I signed up and after an email verification. I was shown an introductory Earn Honey video on how to use the platform and I get to earn 30 Honey Dollars.

How's that for a start?

Here's the catch, you need to answer some simple questions to earn the 30 Honey Dollars after the video ends.

Read on and I will reveal How to Get the Free 30 Honey Dollars.​

How Earn Honey Works?

Over at Earn Honey, you will be earning Honey Dollars upon completing the tasks. Some are based on assignments or offers and others is paid per hour.

For per hour rate, such as watching videos. You will get paid pro-rated Honey Dollars even if you just 30 mins into the task. That's pretty good since you don't need to worry about not able to completing it within an hour.

100 Honey Dollars = $1.00

You can redeem the Honey dollars through Paypal or Amazon gift cards.

Here are the 5 different ways to earn Honey Dollars:

​1. Watch Videos


This is definitely the easiest task and way to earn Honey Dollars. It is almost earning passively when you start playing the videos. 

The videos will continue to play until you stop or close the browser.

That's to say, you can simply let it run while you surf and do other stuffs online.

Based on the Honey Dollar exchange rate, you earn about $0.15 USD/hour (Thats about $3/day) for just watching videos passively with no action on your part once it runs.

WARNING: After signing up an EarnHoney account, I decided to try out the videos. The truth is some of the videos are pretty lame, poor quality and outright ridiculous. 

TIP: Take note of the viewability of the ad that is playing, once it approaches green circles, you will double or triple your earnings. To qualify, it has to be an active tab or window.

I will leave it to your creative juice on how to maximize your earning. Share with me in the comments box below.

2. Playing Games


This is exactly the same 2048 game that you could have played on your mobile phone. But this time you get paid doing it. Amazing! isn't it?

It was one of the games that I played during the boring train transit.

The best part is, you get to launch view the video while playing the game. So if you love this game, you are literally earning from 2048 and "watching" the video.

How cool is that?

You will be making around $0.15 USD/hour.

3. Taking Surveys

This is a classic. All paid to do sites have surveys as one of the way to earn money online. Some of the sites are MySurvey and GetPaid.Social.

This is one of the fastest way to earn Honey Dollars but be ready to fill in tons of details and strict qualification requirements to be able to start doing the survey.

In case, you are keen to try out Earn Honey, you can get an easy 50 Honey Dollars just by completing the "Badges". The badges are simple, straightforward demographic/interests questions that take less than a minute.

Each question earns you 5 Honey Dollars.

By completing these badges, it helps to open your chances to more variety of surveys that you are able to qualify and start earning some Honey Dollars.

4. Completing Offers


In the offer section, you may be disappointed, as there are not many offers hanging around.

One notable offer is the Peanut Labs offer wall. It pays much better than most of the other similar sites. There are some other interesting offers such as get paid to learn programming basics.

Try not to use your personal email if you have set up filters and trained your email provider to flush the spam emails.

5. Earn by Referring Friends

You can also earn money from EarnHoney just by sharing with your friends, through your facebook or twitter and receive 10% of all their Honey Dollars earned for life. This is probably one of the profitable option that you can work on.

How To Redeem

I have yet to make any redemption of the Honey Dollars. It will probably take me a few months since I prefer better way of making money online.

You can simply redeem the Honey Dollars via Paypal or Amazon gift cards with minimum payout of $5.00.

  For new users, you have the option to redeem a $2 Amazon gift card.

To truly maximize your earning, I would suggest that you is to redeem the $25.00 Amazon gift card (50 Honey Dollars Discount).

The worst way to make a redemption is through an unverified Paypal account that will cost you 575 Honey Dollars for $5.00. This is an additional of 75 Honey Dollars.

You can easily avoid this extra "penalty" with a verified Paypal account with just 500 Honey Dollars for $5.00.

EarnHoney follows a paid out schedule on Monday and Friday.

What I like?

I like the idea of making some money through the dual activities (playing my one of favorite game when I am bored and let the video runs).

The idea of having 2 options of redemption via Paypal or Amazon gift cards sit well for me.

The minimum redemption is $5.00 which can be easily achieve for active EarnHoney Bees.

#EarnHoney? Never Heard of it? Don't miss out! You leaving some money on the table.

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What I don't like?

Although it has one of my favorite games, I don't really have the luxury of time to play it every day as I am busy with other projects. Projects that could earn me much more money in the long terms.

I am not an advocate where it comes to exchanging valuable and precious time for little token of earnings. There are much better options out there.

There to say, it is still an option if I get bored, and need some me-time and excitement playing the game while earning some beer money.

Is Earn Honey A Scam?

​Currently, although the website itself, looks pretty unprofessional and amateurish which is often a waving red flag for me.

However, there are many professionally and sleek websites that are outright scammy which I have seen many for the past years and you probably have some ideas or may have experienced them as well.

Importantly, all the core functionalities of the site are working well.

EarnHoney is a legit program at the moment for the next 6 months.

Let's review this again after 6 months and see if EarnHoney is still as legit as it is now. A program that you can spend more time on.

At this stage, you could probably sign up an account and try it in your bored and free time, just like me.It provides little extra beer money passively which don't expect to have any big impact in your income. 

Once you get paid from EarnHoney, you can probably start committing more time with it if you haven't yet find a better legit option to earn money online.

Earn Honey Alternative?

If you still looking for ways to make money online, there is a legit #1 training program that you could help you start your real own online business that will pay off for the long terms.

It is always better to start your own profitable business that have no limits on how much you can earn. You are managing your time better and leveraging knowledge to provide you an edge to earn more money online and better chance of getting wealthier.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches anyone who are committed to start their online business through its training, videos and classes. Students get to followed the courses with step-by-step approach that is easy to follow. 

Earn Honey Review - Final Notes ..

Earn Honey





Who is it For:

People who looking to earn some money online by exchanging their time to perform simple tasks for extended hours.


40/100 (for now)


Legit Program for the next 6 months. A review update will be scheduled after 6 months. The low rating is because of the low returns with considering the amount of time committed.

Here's your Free 30 Honey Dollars. Grab it before they update the questions!


You have a say..

I love to hear your thoughts, questions or experiences with Earn Honey. ?
Share your comments with me in the box below.

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