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Top Share Global Review – 2016 Hottest RevShare? Scam or Legit?


Top Share Global Review

Could this be your promising revshare in 2016?

Read on and Find Out if this is the truly revshare that you should be looking and discover the buzz about Top Share Global RevShare Program.

Are you wondering what is all the buzz about Top Share Global Review? WIll it be another typical revshare program that closes within months? You are right to be hesitant to dive right into it without understanding and knowing if it is right for you.

I going to reveal all the important points and details that you would kick yourself in the butt if you don't bother to invest this 5 min to educate yourself about Top Share Global.

Top Share Global (Started in 5 June 2016)



$10/month (Regular) or $25/mth (Premium)


Sarath Vavachan

Who is it For:

People who looking for revshare sites and looking to earn some money online.

What is Top Share Global?

Top Share Global (TSG) has just launched its Revshare program on the 5th June 2016.

During its pre-launch, there are more than 11 000 members who joined and most paid their membership fees. As of today we are looking at a total deposits of 1.35 millions in just 8 days with only 6300 subscribers to the program.


Topshare Global positioned itself as a professional advertising and revenue sharing company which delivers quality Pro traffic for advertisers or businesses that need fast and prompt traffic.

As a professional advertising and revenue sharing company, like most companies. You are able to find information about the founders and in this case there are: 

Sarath Vavachan - A passionate internet marketer with background as a software developer.

Doney Varghese - An experienced entrepreneur, internet marketer and legal adviser.

It accept quite a wide range of payment processors but there is one that is prominently missing ..

Make a guess .. I am sure you know what is it. That's a waving . Screenshot below.

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How Top Share Global Works?

Top Share Global offers the standard advertising channels such as text ads, traffic exchange, banner ads, PPC banners and Login Ads for advertisers to promote their products or programs.

Top Share Global shares above ad revenues with you through 2 subscriptions model. The Regular membership and the Premium membership.

Regular Member ($10/month)

Premium Member

Regular advertising revenues shares

Regular & Premium advertising revenues shares

3% Referral Commissions

10% Referral Commissions

Up to 3X deposits withdrawal cap

Up to 5X deposits withdrawal cap

Access to dashboard widgets, coupon codes
and many other features.

Being a member just give you the right to revenue share with Topshare Global. To start making serious profits...

You get the idea.. you need to start purchasing Ad Packs.

The Ad Packs starts at $3 to $50 per ad pack and there is a limit on how much you can buy.  With the credits from the Ad Packs you are able to place your banner ads/text ads in Topshare Global traffic exchange network.


That's not all, you will need to actively view and click more than 10 to 20 ads posted by other users on a daily basis to qualify for the revenue share.

There is a surf free option (well, you need to pay for it) if you find it a hassle to clicks the ads daily.

Basically, If you thinking to make huge money with Topshare Global. You will need to put in some decent amount of your hard earned money and be diligent in clicking ads daily.

Things To Note For TopShare Global

Topshare Global has an active facebook group and skype group with a team of 10 members attending to your questions and issues if you ever thought of joining the program.

If you have not noticed, the facebook group is predominate with non-Tier 1 citizens who are most like its existing members.  Thus, if you are thinking of leveraging TSG to promote your products. I would suggest that you reconsider carefully as you will need a very good product to have decent sales conversion.

Some measures that Top Share Global has put in place to ensure a long term business are:

  1. Implement limits on the share for each level you can have.
  2. Implement on the withdrawal limits of each member
  3. Withdrawal limits are based on deposits trough processors.
  4. Low referral commissions which reduces massive withdrawal from big teams and flight risk.

Topshare Global offers a refund option for advertising credits or surf free units that are not used with the condition that the total withdrawal amount is less than the total deposit amount and the program generate a net positive revenue.

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What I don't like?

I don't really like the concept of revshare model as it offers little value to advertisers and the traffic are recycled daily by existing or new members who will be clicking your ads daily just for the sake of making money online.

Sustainability is what I am looking for and in this Top Share Global review, I just don't see how the Topshare Global team pulling it off. Maybe you do, since everyone has their own shares of views and perception.

The Hard Truth about Top Share Global..

If you still feels that Top Share Global could be hottest revshare program in 2016 and wants to give it a try. Well, my advice is you need to be nimble and be on alert.

I feel there are other programs out there that do not need you to mindless click ads daily to earn back your own money and a good percentage of it as profit.

Programs that promotes long term sustainability as a online business that will routinely brings in the needed money each month once it has been set up properly and maintained.

Top Share Global Alternative?

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Top Share Global Review - Final Notes ..

Top Share Global



$10/month (Regular) or $25/mth (Premium)


Sarath Vavachan

Who is it For:

People who need new business leads, looking to have more sales, affordable business advertising and earn some money online




It seems to be a legit system with a few safeguards in place but I will reserved the final verdict as this is a fairly new program that just launched and to be fair it need time to show progress.

I hope you guys enjoy this review, I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on your experience. : )

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