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How to Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

Is It Possible To Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing?

How to make money online with affiliate marketing

You may not be aware but the trends of making money online with affiliate marketing is steadily gaining popularity due to couple of factors which i will be sharing below. Keep a look out.There will be underlined.

Most importantly, it is the unlimited earning potential to have your very first lucrative income by making money online with affiliate marketing.

With the right knowledge and understands the mechanics behind how affiliate marketing works, it is not difficult to earn money online as affiliate marketers.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money online. If you can read and write english and has internet access, you can do it right away.

Take a look at below infographic. It should provide a good overview of what is affiliate marketing about.


Are you still with me?

To make it even more easier for you, affiliate marketing is about participating in someone or businesses' affiliate program and share their products and services on affiliates' blog.

For example, let say you have a blog dedicated to investments and trading. You will pen your thoughts and updates daily journal on this blog. You will probably share which financial or trading books that you are reading and recommend it to your readers.

Now, you may not have realize it but you are doing a part of affiliate marketing naturally by sharing someone's products (books) but you are not earning any money yet which is going to change today.

How do I earn money?

So what smart blog owner do is  is they share their Amazon affiliate links on these books and every click will directs the user to the product site on Amazon and if someone buys the promoted products, the affiliate, you will earn some commission.

There you are! Monetizing your blog earning, generating your first income online!

Excited? I was when I got my first sale. It was Oh YEAH!

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Want to know more details on how to do it successfully and profitably?

Check out this #1 recommended program that you should take a look on how to get started.

Click here to get the FREE course and Starter membership.

The course was designed specifically for beginners in actionable step-by-step tasks that almost holds you hand in completing the basic training to start your affiliate marketing business.

I have to highlight that make money online with affiliate marketing is a legit and recurring way of earning money online but it involves in hard work and commitment.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to generate residual income on the internet. It is possible for a person to generate up to 5 figures per month if he or she is committed and followed the successful footprints lay out in the Wealthy Affiliate University program.

Affiliate Marketing is the one of the few marketing channels that ordinary folks like us could use to earn money online. The best is, it promotes a win-win-win benefits to all parties.

It encourages bloggers to promote and sell products for commission and businesses like AmazonWealthy Affiliate, Clickmagick set up affiliate programs so that they could reach out to more customers by their affiliates. The readers get to know of great products and often value for money deals that they would not be aware of.

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How To Choose the Right Affiliate Program?
make money online with affiliate marketing

There are tons of affiliate programs out there in all industries and market channels. You will probably spot one on your next search.

If you don't, message me I share one with you.

You get the idea? What I'm trying to picture is no matter what your blog content is about, you will easily find products to advertise on your blog.

Before I sign up to any affiliate programs, there are a few essential steps that I would follow in vetting and reviewing these affiliate programs. That's another topic for another day. But.. I will share with you one important step right now.

Pen and paper ready? Great!

TIP: Beware extremely wary on those that request for credit card number or your full address upon sign up.

With an idea in mind on how you want to start your blog, make sure that the products you are promoting fit in with your blog content. Having advertisements of furnitures on your beauty blog may look out of place and "spammy".

Other affiliate programs that are worth your time are:

Amazon, One of the darling of eCommerce and most love them! They offer reputable and reliable affiliate program in the market. However, not all states in the USA can sign up for their program.

Google AdSense, it is also one of the darling for affiliate marketers due to its big brand and reliable payment. It is relatively easy to participate by just inserting a snippet of code into your blog. That's all you need to do and Google AdSense will provide relevant advertisements for your readers.

Rakuten, its the #1 affiliate marketing network five times in a row with presence of global brands. I also shared some of my other favourites here as well.

Wealthy Affiliate, one of the best affiliate programs and it is my current favorite right now. WA offers quality online certification task based courses from "Mastering Social Engagement"  to  "Understanding The Customer Purchase Life Cycle" .

WA teaches people the crucial knowledge needed to monetize their blogs by providing, 24/7 access to high-quality online training, materials and useful tools to generate passive income online. It's an amazing place to learn and earn with an awesome solid affiliate program. Commissions are almost 50% of each sale.

There is No Better Time Than Now..

What can additional stream of income(s) do for you?

It could cover your utilities bills.

It could help in your debts repayment.

It could give you the extra money needed for your children education funds.

It could even cover an occasional weekend family vacation.

It could even be use for the rainy days when uncertainty of the global economy and massive corporate layoffs and everything starts slowing down.

All at the expense of your nightly Netflix time in exchange, you just need to commit a few hours daily or weekly to make it work for you.

Don't you see there's more upsides than downsides?

Don't wait until it happens. It's just a laptop and internet access away. You could starting learning with the FREE Starter Membership and earn as you progress. The earning potential is huge and you set your limits.

Like always, I love to hear your thoughts or experiences about this in the comment section below . ?

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