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How To Make Money Online With Affiliate Program – Your 101

Your 101 Affiliate Program Guide To Making Money Online


There are many ways to make money online with affiliate program and one of the easiest ways for the average person to do it is through affiliate marketing via online affiliate programs.

Making money online with affiliate program has:

  • ​No heavy upfront capital needed
  • No need to source for suppliers
  • No need to stock products
  • No need to do packaging
  • No need to fulfill delivery
  • No need to handle customer support

Yet you can: 

  • Make good money online
  • Do it on a part time or full time basis
  • Do it from anywhere
  • Have all the upsides with little downsides

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a type of marketing business that forms strategic partnership with businesses.

These businesses have their own online affiliate programs that enlist the help of individuals or businesses to increase their marketing effort for their products or services.

In exchange, the partners earn a percentage of the sales generated for these businesses.

Online affiliate programs are relatively easy to join and for suitable for anyone who wants to start a thriving affiliate marketing business.

What you need to do is to talk about their products, services or website and getting paid when people like what you say and click on a business link that is exclusively yours.

​You do not need a website to start affiliate business although I would strongly encouraged you to consider having a website as it comes with many benefits.

More on that later..

The most common way for individuals to start without a website is to post their links on forums (many people go to forums to talk about almost anything), or start a pay per click ads to get people to your affiliate site.

You Can Make Money From 3 Types of Affiliate Programs

There are generally 3 types of affiliate programs that you can join and make money from them.

1. Pay per Sale (PPS) Affiliate Programs

Pay per Sale is a variant of Cost Per Action (CPA) which usually involved in a credit card transaction.

What it means to you?

When a visitor clicks on your link and directed to your affiliate partner website, and make a purchase through your link. You will get commission based on this sale. 

There are 2 types of commission structure:

Percentage-based commission

You will get pay for a percentage of the total sales generated by your affiliate partner.

For example, Amazon affiliate program pay a percentage of the total sales generated by customer visiting your link ranging from 4% - 10% in commission.

Fixed-rate commission

You will get pay a fixed commission for a completed sale.

For example, Wealthy Affiliate or Affilorama pays its affiliate a fixed rate for each sale refer. Usually, these programs have decent and high earning potential that you may want to consider joining them.

2. Pay per Click Affiliate Programs

This is one of the reasons why having a website is good for your affiliate business.

Instead or earning money from just Pay per Sale Activites, you can start making money passively with your website (online business assets).

By creating a section of your site for an advertising network to automatically place ads that are relevant to your niche or the topics on your web pages, you are able to generate a passive income with your content.

Depending on your contents and niche, you will be paid from a few cents to a few dollars per click on the ads shown on your website.

This is extremely good for website with large number of daily visitors to your website.

For Example, Google Adsense is a pay per click advertising platform.

3. Pay per Lead Affiliate Programs

This is the simplest and easiest type of affiliate program.

Can you imagine that you will get paid from visitors who would just provide their email address and confirming their email address.

For example, Vindale Research is a survey company that is completely free to join and pay you a flat $5 for each visitor who signs up under your link. It's easy money.

I stumbled onto this extremely useful 101 guide - Make Money Online with ..

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Where To Find Affiliate Programs To Make Money

Do you know that you are surrounded with affiliate programs?

Yes. It is everywhere around you. You just need to be open and aware of it.

Every single second, websites are competing for visitors on the web and to have an edge over others, most websites offer affiliate program to provide an incentive for people to promote their products, creating more traffic and business to their sites.

Don't believe?

Do this one simple exercise.

Do a search with your "<favourite hobbies> + affiliate " .

Now, do you see the possibility that awaits you..

Here's more.. Watch this: Making Money


There are also affiliate marketing network platforms that have thousands of companies  marketing their affiliate programs for you to choose from.

The choices available can be astonishing and interesting for a newbie but affiliate marketing is very much alive and thriving.

You will probably see familiar brands as well.​

One good thing about such network is all your affiliate commissions will be consolidated and get paid through the network which make tracking and monitoring easy.

You can find some of the affiliate networks here.

Whatever niche you have for your website, you will have relevant affiliate programs that compliments well. 

​Start making some money online ..

How To Make Money Online With An Affiliate Program

I am going to share with you two ways to do it and you decide which one is better for you.

This first method is for those without any website.

  1. Decide on an affiliate program that you would like to promote.
  2. Join the program and get your link.
  3. Start sharing about the products, services, or website with your link in the forums, communities and in your various social network.
  4. When people who come across your links in forums or social network, and click on them. You will get commission when sales are generated. 

This method will still work in 2016 but it is a very short term approach that will not generate the kind of income that you are looking for with affiliate marketing.

The second method is time tested and have proven to generate over thousands of dollars a month. I will assume that you have a working website.

  1. Choose a niche that you are passionate in. For example, Photography.
  2. Write contents about photography and you can actually have many related topics surrounding photography.
  3. Do your keyword research with Jaaxy and write your first article such as a review of the equipment used to take the macro photos.
  4. Search for affiliate programs that are relevant to your niche. In this example, it will be Amazon, Walmart and
  5. Get the affiliate links and peppered it into your content to make your reader click on them.

Why I prefer the second method?

  • Your Own Online Business Asset
  • More Professional and Trustworthy
  • Building a loyal reader base that trust you
  • Recurring visitors that could mean more money for you
  • You will have more control over the links at your site
  • More source of passive income (Pay per Click Advertising)
  • Greater potential for more income streams

For those who don't but decide to invest a little time to setup a website. You can do it right away without any huge starting costs.

Popular Affiliate Training Programs

Wealthy Affiliate

This my #1 recommended make money online affiliate training program. Wealthy Affiliate (less than $1 a day) make it easy to learn and succeed at affiliate marketing business.

It provides almost everything a newbie need to start his affiliate marketing business here:

  • Step by step training approach
  • Extensive unlimited access to library of past training and videos
  • New training and contents update daily
  • Keyword research tool (worth $20 per month)
  • Free website hosting for up to 50 websites (worth $20 per site)
  • Instant technical help
  • Unlimited Siterubix websites
  • Hassle Free One Click Website Set Up. 
  • Lively Community Support and Live Chat
  • Generous commission payouts ($22.50 per referral per month, lifetime)

AffiloBluePrint is a starter pack kit at $197 with information to get you started and you will get one year hosting for your website.

The Affilorama Premium at $67/mth offers more comprehensive training includes:

  • Detailed training modules
  • Bootcamp training
  • Affilotools (Beta)
  • Web hosting up to 15 domains
  • Email Support

How To Get Started with Affiliate Marketing

You probably understand that having a website is like owning a long term business asset that will continue to pay you throughout its lifetime.

It is relative affordable to start having your own website in under $50.

To set up your website, you will need:

  • Domain Name (Recommended. $10 - Namecheap)
  • Web hosting ( Free* or $6.96/mth)
  • Theme (Free*)
  • Website Builder (Free*)

* Only possible with Wealthy Affiliate

Before you start to get overwhelm, there are affiliate training programs that make this a very simple, and hassle free process for people wants to own their first online business asset.

Wealthy Affiliate, my #1 strong affiliate training recommendation, set it up for you under 30 seconds for free to let you try it out first to see if you like it.

No credit card is needed.

WATCH: Website created in 30 seconds Video ..​


Prepare your stopwatch and start breaking the record ..

Provide the name you want for your first website below.

Final Notes..

I hope it shed some lights for you on how you can start an affiliate marketing business with any online affiliate programs.  You got a couple of them in this page and some of the best affiliate program that pays over here to get you rolling.

What's left? Is for you to decide which method make more "cents" to you?

I am sure you recognize a good deal when you see one.

Get your free website and starts making money online.. Take massive actions.

I want to hear your thoughts and comments : )  Feel free to drop them below. .

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