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21 Best Part Time Jobs for Retirees To Boost Their Income

Looking For Part Time Jobs for Retirees

Have you watch "The Intern" by Robert De Niro and Anna Hathaway?

Retirement is a time where some senior citizens rejoice with both hands waving in the air and dancing around and other silver hairs welcome it with gloomy and sadness all over their face.

Which group do you belongs to?


Some senior citizens see that they have achieved all they wanted to accomplish and that they see it good to leave the chance for the younger generation of driven people.

While others are sad that they going to miss working, getting to meet and gossip over lunch with their colleagues. They feel that they are still fit, active and can still contributes to the workforce, in addition some income for them. 

Amazingly, retirement in most Americans is not becoming an issue nowadays. This is because many of them have realized that even after retirement, there are still much more they can do.

With the part-time jobs for retirees available, the senior citizens have become even happier than ever.

This is because the part-time jobs for retirees allow them to have time which they can use in traveling, pursuing hobbies or just relaxing.

There are some of the best part-time jobs for retirees that have been identified so that the senior citizens can still continue with earning even after the retirement.

Below are the 21 part-time jobs for retirees.

Business Jobs

Here there are these jobs that the retirees can do at home.

1. Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the best free work that can be done at home. It is done on the internet and is very flexible with no investments. It is not a must that you have a website for you to participate in this job.

You just need to join an affiliate program and promotes or share products or services that you like or have used before with your affiliate link. It is as simple as that. There are over thousand of affiliate programs that are paying up to 75% commission in some cases.

Life is about picking up new skills, discovering new passion and enjoying what you are doing.

If you are open to learn more about affiliate marketing, I would suggest go with wealthy affiliate. I am an active member there and have seen many retirees enjoying their time there and making  money by following the structured and easy step by step affiliate training. 

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You will have access to one of their affiliate certification training (10 lessons) on affiliate marketing for free and have 2 free lifetime websites that you could practice on based on the training.

The startup costs for affiliate marketing are also usually free or minimal costs.

This is perhaps one of the best part-time jobs for retirees and why many are joining in. What make it attractive is the relatively low costs involved and the income potential.

2. Online Business

If you have an unfulfilled dream of starting a business, this can be one of the best jobs for retirees. You can starts being your own boss and determine the course of your business at your pleasure. 

Starting an online business used to be expensive where you need investment in the thousands but now it is relatively easy and you can start an e-commerce online business store with all the essentials from Shopify

Online businesses can generate much income while you as a retiree just work from home. Some tips here. If you are going to start an e-commerce store, people love having discounts, coupons, gift cards or loyalty points for future redemption.

Make sure that your store is able to provide at least 2 of the above functionalities. It will prove to be very useful during your promotion campaigns.

Shopify make it really easy and convenient for anyone to start an e-Commerce retail store with all the nitty gritty handled and set it up for you like within 10 minutes. 

3. Amazon Affiliate

Do you recall purchasing items or gifts from Amazon?

Most likely, you could have purchase it from one of the Amazon affiliate stores. 

Amazon Associate is one of the most popular affiliate program in the world.

In this business, you will be able to be in control of the time you spend. The reason this business becomes one of the best jobs for retirees is because the amount you earn will only depend on the time you spend on the job.


It is amazing that you as a retiree will only need one or two hours to create an Amazon Affiliate website or blog which can get you earn between $10 to $1,000 or even more in a month.

If you are active, ambitious and still have the sparks in you, you can open more of these sites and be sure to earn thousands at your retirement. This is real and possible as there are many successful student stories with Wealthy Affiliate earning such figures this very moment.

4. Bookkeeping

There have  are lots of posting on such freelance jobs for book keeping. Most of the business organizations only need those who do this work on a part time basis. The pay for book keeping job is always very decent. 

5. Accounting

As a retiree, if you still loves crunching numbers, you can still move to freelancers’ sites, and you will get small businesses which want to employ people who will only work for them on part time basis. The payments for this job in most cases is $17 per hour, but it can still go higher that that.

Academical part time jobs

For those retirees from academic sectors, here are some of the best part time jobs for you.

6. Freelancing jobs

You can always check on freelance sites where you will be able to earn some huge amounts of money just working from your home.

Here are some of the popular freelance sites that I have researched:

Above websites provide a variety of areas of specializations. In this, you must always find your best specialization for academic writing.

What makes freelancing one of the best part-time jobs for retirees is that some of the companies offering these jobs offer access to insurance like the liability and the disability insurance.

7. Consultant based on projects

Retirees are always found to be the perfect fit for consultation. With their wealth of experiences, specialize knowledge and the time tested social and consultation skills  on projects like marketing and managements.

This is one of the best jobs for retirees since it can get you earn $50 to $100 in an hour. This depends on how you have relevant experience in a given field.

8. Being a Tutor

As a retiree being a tutor gives you the flexible working hours that you can enjoying by planning your own schedule around your activities.


This will not inconvenience you if you have any other personal businesses or activities at home.

One quick way to get you started, I would suggest that you as a retiree, find out from your children or to see if their friends' has  kids who are in need of academic help and would be interested to get help from you.

9. Being an Associate Professor

You can land in this job as a retiree as it has good pay. The earnings for this part time job are always around $2,700. This is according to the study conducted by Coalition on the Academic Workforce.

10. Aide to the teachers

This part time job will have to involve your brain seriously, but the reward is very amazing. Some of the tasks involve grading papers, entering computer data and the like. This job can make your earn a medium of $23,640 in a year!

11. Researcher

After retirement, it can also be sagacious to help in the research field. This is the best part-time job that a retiree can do because they are the people who have bad enough experience and can assist in solving everyday problems that may arise in the society.

12. School driver

Being a school driver can be one of the best part-time jobs for retirees since it does not take much of your time. You can end up staying even for one whole week before you can be called to work. The salary will remain constant.

Social works

Many retirees will always be in a good position to get nice jobs. This is because they are experienced in life and are always trusted in the community because of this. Here are some of the common jobs you can do as a retiree.

13. Event Planner

Due to the experience retirees usually have, you will always be trusted when it comes to planning events. This reason for this is that, by your retirement time, there is no doubt that you have had several events which you have planned for. For you to get this job, it is important that you get connections with other friends who can keep you informed of such opportunities.

14. Event coordinator

You can just start a business concerning this field, and there is no doubt that you will begin having customers flowing in your business. You can make it the best part-time jobs for retirees by creating a way of consultation on it.

15. Being a tour guide

This part time job is fascinating, and the only thing to have is the historical memories. This will make the tourists have some confidence in you. This is one of the best jobs for retirees since it will still leave you with time to do your activities. A splendid vocal chord will be needed here since speaking is the primary task attached to this job.

16. Working in Convention Centers

Convention centers in a city can be the oasis of part time jobs in the desert of lack of employment after retirement. High demand for the workers in such centers has always been witnessed. There are very many skills required in those areas, and this will give you the best opportunity. The working time is also not tight but is flexible to make you have enough rest.

The field of health

The retirees who were in the area of health also have a variety of job opportunities. Here are some of them.

17. Being an Advocate for Patients

Rapid growth in the home health and patient care has always been observed. This can be the one of the best part-time jobs for retirees. This work is very light and easy. All you do as a patient advocate is to make appointments for customers and other light works. Some organizations offer payments of $15 per hour for this brilliant job.

18. Chemist

If you were working in the field of health, then this can be the best part-time job for you. You can even open a chemist near your home and enjoy the part time job. This will give you a magnificent earning even after your retirement.

Online part time jobs

The retirees fit best in the following online jobs.

19. Blog Jobs

You will always have to earn something from the ads on your page. This is one of the best jobs for retirees because it is very simple and at the time of your choice you can just work at home.

For good earning, you need to set a target and at least, make blog posts three times in a week keeping the tabs on the business. Check out this guide I have written on how to start making money from a blog.

Sports and games

Below are some of the part time jobs in this area.

20. Athletic Referee

Some little travel is involved in the job but just around the towns. The time for this job usually varies depending on the sport and organization. This job has an exquisite pay.

21. Games Coach

Most of the times, this position finds its way in the evening hours.

There are many schools which lack coaches for their games and sports. Going to this job will make you be in one of the best part-time jobs for retirees, and you will also keep your physical fitness hence extend your days.

Try to imagine an active life after all the years you have spent before you retire.

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22. Providing Voice Over Service

Voice Over services has huge earning potential and growing demand for it every day. Businesses or Producers are looking for unique voices for their commercials, youtube videos, marketing campaigns and movies.

There's no need to have prior computer or business experience and is a good option for senior citizens to consider. Well, If you can read and speak english then check out what is it about and how it can really work for you with my review on this guide that helps you do just that!

Final Note ..

The payments for these jobs are always superb and motivating. There is no need for a retiree to go and relax at home yet there are many part time jobs like these. Sitting down will only invite poverty at your door, and it can be a great catalyst for your aging.

Stay Active and Live Your Silver Years to the Fullest!

​If you have decided which part time job is suitable for you, or even if you are not sure.

Follow your instinct!  GO for it, Try it out, then Decide!

Share your thoughts or other part time jobs that I have missed out so that others can benefit too.

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