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VO Genesis Review – Is VO Genesis a Scam or Legit?

VO Genesis Review

Is VO Genesis a Scam or Legit? Is it worth it?


There are many legit ways of making money online and you may have come across countless of them and the first thought that usually cross one's mind is "Are these legit or just outright scams?", "What are they about?" and "Do they really work?"...

Last Updated: Aug 2016

VO Genesis by Jenny Lewis

Official Website:



$39.95 + Some Upsells


Jenny Lewis

Who is it For:

VO Genesis is a new program
that reveals lucrative ways of making significant sum
of money either on a part time or full time basis




Read on for More Details.

I have these thoughts as well. Thus, I have decided to do a close up review on VO Genesis and check it out if is VO Genesis a scam just like others.  VO Genesis is a book that shares interesting new ways of making money online that has a huge potential for almost anyone who simply can read and speak english at least.

What is VO Genesis?

VO Genesis is a program that consists of books and guides with advices, tips, strategy and insights of a successful voice in this field that are written  in simple and easy to understand writings that are suitable for most people.

VO Genesis is written for people who want to work from home such as stay at home moms, people who prefer to have an additional income with the added flexibility because of this program nature, people who are been laid off and need a transition job while looking for the best job for them.  

"VO" in VO Genesis means "Voice Over". Did it gets your attention?

Basically, VO Genesis is teaching you all about providing voice over as a service, the advanced tips and the "how to" in the "Voice Over" industry, a billion dollars industry. 

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How Does VO Genesis Works?


VO Genesis is all about providing your unique voice as a service for the popular and increasing demand of voice over services. VO Genesis shows you all the basis information  that you need to know to get started, where to find voice over jobs and make lots of money. Advanced tips are also included to get bigger and better paying jobs. 

The market of voiceovers is a GIANT! Producers of movies, short movies, documentaries, video and commercials are constantly looking for exciting and unique voices. More and more businesses are realizing the importance of using videos as a form of marketing and demand of voice over is growing stronger by the day.

The interesting part and best part in voice over is that you don't need to have any knowledge, skill or do anything special.  All you need to have is a unique voice and able to read the script that your client pass it to you.

What is in VO Genesis?


This book contains information that are useful for newbies who starting in this business and can be a steal for even experienced voiceover professionals.

VO Genesis contains an in-dept guide on how to start this business on everything you need to know and what types of voiceover exist.

VO Genesis will help you to determine which skills you need to poses in order to make money from this business. Jenny Lewis will share with you what exactly she did and how to set up your own voiceover home studio. You have the final say in all aspect of the business, your schedule, your working environment, the frequency of your work and the price of your service.

Most importantly, VO Genesis contains way to help you earn more money with clear advices and instructions on where to find the gigs that can bring you lots of money.

The voice over business has endless possibilities because everyone has unique voice and businesses or producers are always looking for different kind of voices to match their products, movies or commercials. Jenny Lewis also add in on how to negotiate and double or triple your income based on her own experience.

What's the Cost of Business?

Jenny Lewis is offering its VO Genesis guide at the price of $39.95 and there are other related products that she is offering for people who wants to up their game and be a professional in this business. There are the

  • Voiceover Insider's Guides ($37.00) - Insights on how the professionals are doing it and advanced tips for those who wants to start a more professional business that enjoys better and greater profits.
  • Multiple stream of Income ($47.00) - This book shares how you could expand the current voice over business to other related industries that will create multiple stream of income for you.
  • Quick Cash Machines ($47.00) - Jenny Lewis shared her better tips, tricks and experiences here.

What I like?

There are a few things that I like about it:

  • Easy to read and Understand
  • Suitable for people with no prior experience with computers or businesses.
  • Training, tips and advises are organized properly
  • Detailed information of where to find gigs to make money
  • Valuable tips of negotiating for deals that could double or triple your income
  • Written for beginners to experienced voiceover professionals
  • Small expenses outlay that can be easily break even.
  • Introduce a flexible working schedule and location. Work from home style.
  • 60 days money-back guarantee

What You May Not Like?

The only thing  that I could think of that you may not like is:

  • It requires some effort and will on the part of the starters in this business

However, if you feel that you have the motivation, the right attitude for this possible little venture and believe in this business.

You can probably try it out first, since it pretty easy to start right away from what I have gathered.

Do a review after 3 months to see if this is for you and it can help you to earn some extra money online on a part time basis that supplements your current income.

VO Genesis - Who is it For?

VO Genesis is for anyone who are comfortable in reading and speaking english. They wants to have the option to start a new business without much overheads and minimal technicalities.

  • Stay at home moms who wants to spend more time with their childrens
  • College Students looking for part time jobs that need the flexibility in time
  • Retirees looking for part time jobs
  • People who like the idea of additional income on top of their current job
  • People who believes in starting a home business

If you feel that having a voice over is not for you and prefer to have a business that you can build it up from scratch, and slowly but surely see some recurring income monthly by committing effort and time to it, then there is one that might suit you.. I did the review here..

VO Genesis Alternative?

I started building my affiliate marketing business in 2015 and never looked back.

Wealthy Affiliate is the university for newbie to start learning the fundamental of building a successful affiliate marketing business with ZERO prior knowledge on affiliate marketing with a systematic step-by-step approach.

It is where I start learning the right way to do affiliate marketing.

The lifetime skills learn from Wealthy Affiliate University can be applied to almost all online businesses, even voice over business.

Moreover, Wealthy Affiliate has proprietary tools, website hosting and building suite , awesome live support and help that most newbies do need when starting out. I know I need them when starting out and my questions or problems are promptly answered. I can feel that I have the whole community behind me. You won't have the feeling of been left out high and dry. 

There any operation costs that you need to worry about just the fixed monthly fee with Wealthy Affiliate all-in-one platform that you can start experiencing first hand with the Free Starter Membership right here.

Many people are seeing great results and are living proof that WA actually works for them. Check out the review here or find out more about it by experiencing it yourself.  

VO Genesis Review - Final Notes ..

There are many scam programs that promise money without working for it and people still falls for it. I hope by now you have understand that there is no easy money without doing even a little work.

VO Genesis by Jenny Lewis shared the possibilities of making money from home with a voice over business that can be adopt and set up by almost anyone who can commit to themselves some effort and work.

VO Genesis by Jenny Lewis

Official Website:



$39.95 + Some Upsells yet affordable


Jenny Lewis

Who is it For:

VO Genesis is a new program
that reveals lucrative ways of making significant sum
of money either on a part time or full time basis




Decent product contains workable online money making methods
that almost anyone can start immediately with low initial cost.

This voice over business is a chance where you can make your own schedule around your activities and earns a lot of money. This is not a scam that make false promises.  It is created by a Voice Over expert with clear, detailed and easy to understand tips that help you achieve much more.

There are huge demand for such services and the earning potential is amazing.

Who has been successful with this?

This young lady manage to quite her job, paid her debts and bought a house thanks to this part time job that earns her $9000 a month.

Voice Your Thoughts..

I hope you guys enjoy this review, share it with your friends by using the social buttons on this site and do feel free to share your thoughts and comments on any experience you have related to voice overs services as a provider or employer.

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