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The Empower Network Ripoff Scam Review – Better Off Without Them

The Empower Network Review 2016

Stop! Find Out if it is a Ripoff or a Scam? You could possibly save thousands with this 5 mins!


Empower Network (EN)



$25/mth + Many upsells ($19.95/mth, $100/mth, $500, $1000, $3500, ..)


David Wood & David Sharpe

Who is it For:

People who want to start MLM.


Read on for More Details.

Not sure if you have noticed this particular trend happening to Empower Network, probably you do and that's why you have decided to check out what is the Empower Network all about and make a wiser decision from my 100% unbiased review.

Recently, I have observed that there are more former top early Empower Network joiners jumping ship to other MLM programs. This is a worrying sign for anyone who thinking of hopping into the "struggling" ship.

In MLM, when the top members start to leave and usually quietly, it will be smart to take serious note.

What is Empower Network?

Empower Network has advertised aggressively to the public and its members as a real opportunity to earn money online with their Kalatu Blogging System as a lucrative solution without the needs to have relevant experience.

Simply, Empower Network is all having members to actively promotes their blogging platform and series of digital products that teach people how to make money online.

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How Empower Network Works?

New beginners looking to earn from Empower Network products are going to be prepare to be entangled into the web of hierarchies, different commission structures and monthly "expensive" commitments.

Let's talk about how to start earning from Empower Network..

  1.  You need to pay a monthly administrative fee of $19.95 to be an Empower Network affiliate. This gives you the right to participate ONLY. That's ALL it does! You can promote the products but you won't get any commission UNLESS you fulfill the either one of the two conditions to activate the commission payment.. Here it goes..
  2. You will need to purchase the product you want to promote for your own personal use and maintain the monthly subscription if any
    OR generate one qualifying sale of the product to receive commission for subsequent sales.

This means that on top of paying $19.95 monthly, you going to buy or subscribe to those products yourself to activate your "entitled" commission. This doesn't make any sense to me..
If you like to know more about the compensation plan (UPDATED NOV 2015), read here.

Can you see where it is  heading for you if you by some reasons decided to hop in.

You going to buying waves of products just to be able to promote and earn commission from it.

Now, you may think that you can put the products to good use anyway. Why not?
But most people will missed these four important questions that you need to ask yourself.

I going to share it with you here. There are:
1) How good are these Empower Network Products?
2) Do there really provide me with good values?
3) Do there actually worth my sweat money?
4) Are there solid demand for them?

Read on and discover what the answers are ..

Empower Network Core Products


Empower Network has several core products and to be exact, there are five of them and other specialty products. Below are my honest opinions of the core Empower Network products that are offered:

1. Kalatu Basic - $25/month


It is basically a  WordPress driven blogging platform peppered with multiple themes, plugins and seo tools and marketed as a "viral" blog system.

At $25/month, you can definitely get the same setup at lower costs, within $97 (less than 3 months of subscription) with some change left for coffee. 

At this price point, I can think of some real good money making tools that I could use the money on.  It is definitely an over-hyped flagship product that oversell and presents zero values to me. I am not even going to talk about Kalatu Premium at $72/month. It's just another upsell for unsuspecting novice.

2. Inner Circle Membership - $100/month


Inner Circle is actually getting access to the archived audio library that Empower Network leaders deliver weekly mindset or inspiration calls since late 2011. You will have the right to sell this and earn commission from it when someone joins under you.

​There's definitely some values in the audio but I know of something better.. how about been able to access privileged archived videos and weekly video trainings that doesn't cost you a fortune (I know I can do alot of stuff with that $100 a month) and still receiving the better end of the deal. Read my review here to find out more.

3. Top Producer Formula - $500

This product is all about learning the best marketing skillsets from the Empower Network Top 5%. The training focuses on strategies to sponsor up to 3 leads a day. There is a strong emphasis on promoting Empower Network through sponsorship. This looks like the old 15K formula.

4. Team Building Formula - $500


Team Building Formula share about building your team through duplication and this training is more suited for multi-level marketing (MLM) team.

5. Mass Influence Formula - $3500

The big guys shared how they do it with powerful presentations on sales and persuasion. Unless, you aiming to be in the big league, this training could prove useful.

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Empower Network Ranks

There are basically 6 affiliate ranks (Boss, Boss Maker, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond) in Empower Network. Each ranks determine your percentage of the commission from the sales. You no longer get 100% commission (that's the old compensation plan) instead you will start with 70% and slowly crawl up the commission level. This is a very common up-line and down-line structure in MLM.

This means new and existing members going to get smaller commission unless they are performing well.
Personally, I prefer to keep things simple and because of  MLM nature, it is not my cup of tea.

What's the Cost of Empower Network Business?

I love talking about the cost of business. It helps to put things in perspective and evaluate if this is a sound business to even consider going into it.

With Empower Network, your cost of business is going to add up pretty quickly in order to earn the reduced commission and not having the commission passed up to your up-line.

Let's say you going to join Empower Network for a year and going to promote crazily for it over-hype, almost zero value adding products, which i will definitely feel guilty doing. Let's get to it.  How much money do you need to set aside?

Empower Network Cost Illustration

Product Purchased

$$ Money You Need
To Fork Out

Affiliate Administration Fees ($19.95/month)


Kalatu Basic ($25 / month) for a year


Inner Circle Membership ($100/month) for a year


Top Producer Formula ($500)


Team Building Formula ($1000)


Mass Influence Formula ($3500)




That's a lot of money upfront and if there is little demand for these products due to above reasons or many others. You are looking at a potential loss of over $6K.

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Is Empower Network A Scam?

No. They are not a scam but they are like any typical MLM company that encourage people to join them to make money by enticing them with the big pay cheque and the traveling lifestyle. Once people  falls for it and joined, they have to refer more people into Empower Network itself and teach others to do the same in order to make money with Empower Network.

Empower Network - Cons

No  Free Trial - There's no way peeping into Empower Network without flashing your Amex! 

Kalatu, an overpriced blog - Please spend your money wisely. Go get WordPress. It's Free. if you need free websites, click here and you will get  2 free websites loaded up with WordPress immediately for you and you get a decent step-by-step online business course.

No existence of support within groups - Empower Network is all about making money from your down-line and support has become non-existent. It is very sales oriented with no one really take interests if you need any help, you just get push to buy more products from the up-line.

Pay $19.95 monthly to get nothing - This is as true as it gets, you just getting the rights to participate. You giving away your hard earn money freely without thinking to get nothing. C'mon, I am sure you are better than that!

Poor Products that are overpriced - If you have took a look at their product features, there are basically little or very general description on them. As a consumer, you won't even consider looking into them at all.

Many many Upsells - Empire Network has the most numbers of upsells I have seen so far, and there are way overpriced for what its content delivers.

Truckloads of Complaints - Empower Network gets scrutinized because of their members going around spamming every site that they could find on Google heavily promoting their products.

Enormous Investment Outlay - You are looking at a staggering of over $6600 cost outlay in order for you to have a chance to be success in this business.. Yes, it's just a chance to have a better success rate in Empower Network. There is no promise that you WILL succeed..

The Hard Truth ..

Even if you are a seasoned MLM marketer reading these, you may want to reconsider your options. As there are many other potential programs that are way better than Empower Network with better and stronger product lines.

After hearing what I have say, and you feel that Empower Network or MLM is definitely not for you. It is time for you to explore other alternatives such as Wealthy Affiliate which teaches people how to start an online businesses and making money online with the proper internet marketing skills. Check out the review here.

Empower Network Alternative?

There are programs that cost way less than Empower Network and offers better value. People are always looking to start an online business because of their current situations or circumstances and really need a trusted platform to provide them with a guided, step-by-step system to get started.

Fortunately,  I am glad that I belong to one of the best programs out there in the wild so far and it is Wealthy Affiliate, with it strong community support and training which do not require huge investment at all. Free trial is available for starters to try it out.

#Unsure? Having #Regrets? How About Something #Better Than Empower Network, #EN Without All the Overpriced Upsells.

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Empower Network Review - Final Notes ..

Empower Network (EN)



$25/mth + Many upsells ($19.95/mth, $100/mth, $500, $1000, $3500, ..)


David Wood & David Sharpe

Who is it For:

People who want to start MLM.




I will pass it. Strongly advise to think thrice and thrice if you are seriously considering.

If you want to know more about how to make money online with Wealthy Affiliate, the best place I know you can consider learning it from and starts building your business with your passion. Don't take my words for it. Go experience yourself the strong community support and training and tell me if I am wrong. 

How do you feel about this review, I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on your experience with Empower Network. : )

My Online Success Can be Yours Too.

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